He went to clean a hotel room in the United States and came up with a detail that terrified him: “I wish it was pizza.”

Romer Cordova is a Venezuelan who lives in Utah, USAAnd works to clean the rooms of the West Gate Hotel. In one of his recent videos he posted on TikTok, he wanted to make his work day more fun, so he set out to record the activities he was doing and Discover a detail in a room. He showed it to his audience and elicited all kinds of reactions. Romer explained that the American dream isn’t always easy, but you have to take it with a sense of humor.

In the first section, Show what path is usually taken to the place of residence And detailed that there are days when you can visit up to 50 rooms. With her cart, she moves down the aisle at the corridor to remove all the rubbish left by the guests, as well as to remove the bedding they have already used, so that the person in charge can put in new sheets later.

A tiktoker user told his harrowing story when cleaning hotel rooms in the US

if you are lucky, The rooms have little traces of trash in the containersbut is also sometimes found with Others affected by multiple fears. This was the case for the last post he posted on his account @loud musicas he was terrified of the mountain of debris he noticed from the first step.

In the second recording, Show everything left by the people who stayed in that environment. Without a doubt something that’s hard to clean up, but he decided to treat it with humor to share with his followers. “We’re going to the room I have to clean,” he was heard saying in the video, then let out some so-called goosebumps.

A tiktoker user told his harrowing story when cleaning hotel rooms in the US, Part Two

Among the garbage, there were many empty pizza cans, dozens of soda cans everywhere, and discarded papers. Which made the mess clear. Amidst the horror, the man went to photograph what was left of the dirt in order to express the horror he felt cleaned up. Packages containing spoiled food and even soiled diapers are prevalent.

The containers in that area of ​​the hotel were full of rubbish of all kindsThere was no room for another casing and there was some casing thrown on the floor. “But how much…” tiktoker said in the background of his video while showing all the dirty areas.

In the room that tiktoker had to clean, there were used diapers@rokomusica / TikTok

I hope this is pizza‘, he could be heard uttering as the camera was pointed at a piece of used paper with perfectly visible red spots. While I didn’t know the contents, I hoped it wasn’t something disgusting. He took off his gloves and gathered everything in sight to continue the rest of his work.

Some traders in the comments questioned him about how much he was paid to pick up other people’s trash and how much he saw while living in Utah. However, the Venezuelan has not yet responded, He only explained that sometimes he has to collect large amounts of waste, but there are also good days Where the difficulty of using it is not great.

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