Health budget will increase by 15.1% in fiscal year 2022 – El Sol de México


Deputy Emmanuel Reyes Carmona, Chair of the Health Committee, highlighted the scope to be achieved by public spending on health during the 2022 fiscal year, and that the draft spending budget provides for an increase in real terms of 15.1 percent over what was set in 2021.

This was indicated, during the open parliamentary work of the House Budget and Public Accounts Committee, which initiated the analysis of the PPEF for the fiscal year 2022, in the field of social development, with representation from civil society. Society, health institutions and international organizations.

He indicated the range that would be public spending in 2022 on health, an increase of 800 thousand and 374.8 million pesos, a historical figure for the sector.

In this sense, Emmanuel Reyes noted, this increase is relevant, first, because it checks that republican austerity works, it combats waste of goods as well as national resources, and that public finances are managed efficiently, effectively, transparently and effectively. honesty.

This expansion of resources is very timely, said Reyes Carmona, “because it will help us fight more aggressively, one of the main threats to the health of Mexicans, which is the Covid-19 virus.”

Meanwhile, Marco Vinicio Gallardo Enriquez, Head of the Administrative and Financial Unit of the Ministry of Health, celebrated the increase in this unit, which in 2021 amounted to 145.415 billion pesos, and now it will be 192.368 million pesos for 2022, an increase of 32.3 percent. .

He explained that these resources will be used in the case of personal services that will be used to recruit medical personnel from INSABI and CCINSHAE, which is the coordination of highly specialized hospitals, especially to confront the CIVID-19 epidemic, and this will not be done. Expires in 2021 and must be met next year, as well as the government’s priority to hire temporary jobs and create medical resident jobs.

Regarding the item of operating expenses, which grew by up to 99 percent of the volume of allocated resources, the official stated that it is intended for the acquisition of Covid-19 vaccines that were paid with resources from Fonsabi, and it was decided that they should do so. Now directly at the Ministry of Health.

For his part, Representative Erasmo Gonzalez Robledo, member of Morena Corporation and head of the Budget Committee, said that the social development sector accounts for the highest percentage of public spending on issues such as education, health, social programmes, environment, culture and others. .

He said that these areas are fundamental to the integrated development of people, as they not only represent the realization of human rights, but also reflect the priorities of society.

Given the reality of budget constraints, he indicated that it is necessary to carry out the best possible planning, in order to enhance the quality of education, medical services and hospitals that ensure our well-being or a healthy environment.

MP Marcos Medina Filegrana, when using voice, explained that social development is a process that leads to an improvement in the living conditions of all residents in various areas, with an economic dynamism, in which the role of the state is decisive. As a global promoter with the active participation of public and private social actors.

He commented that the focus of public policies under the criteria of efficiency and optimum utilization is the main objective of social programs, which is the reduction of poverty, especially extreme poverty.

He stated that economic development is a necessary condition, but it is not sufficient to achieve community development, so that among the current proposals in this regard is to give more weight to economic growth, but with a comprehensive perspective.

Meanwhile, Selma Loivano-Luna, Chair of the Diversity Committee, celebrated the health increase expected in the spending budget, which constitutes a promising outlook for the LGBTTTIQ+ community.

He asked all MPs to join this fight for the vulnerable groups and especially for the LGBTTIQ+ community.

While Representative Angelica Yvonne Cisneros highlighted that on the subject of social security, there is an element, although not classified as such, that contributes to the coverage of the spectrum for the well-being of families and is the resource for pensions for the elderly.

Therefore, he said, the Social Security Committee should discuss how to conceptualize the balancing of pensions, since it is a factor that is part of Social Security. In this sense, he stated that this budget “is a sample of our government’s commitment to social security”.

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