Hightown Season 3: Release Date & Renewal Updates


Hightown is an intense drama that has quickly risen to popularity, captivating viewers with its riveting storyline, profound characters, and the captivating Cape Cod setting.

The series, premiered on Starz, has recently concluded its second season, leaving fans eager for more. With its gritty narrative of crime and redemption, Hightown has amassed a significant following, prompting questions about its renewal for a third season. In this article, we delve into everything we know so far about the future of Hightown.

Quick Facts

  • No Of Season : 2
  • Release Date: To be released soon
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Crime & Drama
  • Where to watch: Starz
  • Rating: 6.8 /10 (IMDb)

Popularity of the Show

Hightown has garnered a considerable fanbase due to its well-developed characters and compelling plot, exploring the interconnected lives of law enforcement officers, drug dealers, and addicts. The drama’s palpable intensity and the stellar performances of its cast have contributed to its widespread popularity.

Renewal Status of Hightown Season 3

Still, There is no official statement has been made regarding the renewal of Hightown for a third season. Given the significant viewer interest and critical acclaim, a renewal seems promising, but fans will have to wait for official confirmation.

Release Date of Hightown Season 3

While the creators have yet to announce the official release date for Hightown Season 3 as of July 2023, we can speculate a possible release in late 2024 or 2025, given the typical production timelines for television shows. However, the timing might change based on unforeseen circumstances or production scheduling.

Cast Details of Hightown Season 3

If renewed, Hightown Season 3 is expected to see the return of the main cast. This includes Monica Raymund as Jackie Quiñones, James Badge Dale as Det. Ray Abruzzo, Riley Voelkel as Renee Segna, and Shane Harper as Junior, among others. The ensemble cast’s strong performances have been one of the show’s major highlights.

Hightown Season 3 Spoiler

The potential third season of Hightown may further develop its characters and reveal the repercussions of their actions. With Jackie’s professional and personal life teetering on the edge, her journey will likely continue to form the crux of the narrative.

Hightown Season 2 Recap

The second season of Hightown marked a significant improvement over the first, showcasing more intriguing character dynamics and shocking twists in the story, yet it was still marred by some of the show’s persistent flaws.

Season 2 picks up shortly after the dramatic conclusion of the first season, with Jackie 50 days sober and working diligently to maintain her sobriety. She holds down two jobs and tries to stay focused on her path to recovery. However, the equilibrium is quickly shattered with the release of Jorge, Frankie’s cousin, from prison. Jorge’s unpredictable and volatile behavior marks him as a significant threat to the fragile peace.

Frankie, in the meantime, has made a home with Renee and Frankie Jr, enjoying a seemingly calm existence compared to the chaos surrounding them. But when new drugs begin to flood Cape Cod, the tranquility is once again disrupted. Charmaine steps into Osito’s shoes (who’s incarcerated) and becomes the main point of contact for Frankie in the drug business.

Ray, struggling with his personal demons and the fallout from his sex addiction, paints a tragic figure in the narrative. The inclusion of Leslie, Jackie’s new love interest, adds more complexity to the story. The various plot threads interweave to create a narrative full of shocking twists, brutal deaths, and characters grappling with their demons. The season ends hinting towards a dark and foreboding third season.

While the storyline shows a notable improvement, the characters remain a contentious point for the show. Jackie’s persistent self-centered attitude and addictive personality hamper her development, making it hard for audiences to sympathize with her. Ray remains unlikable, and despite some potential for growth, Renee’s opportunistic behavior persists. The only character seemingly showing some redemption is Alan, yet he too grapples with his own flaws.

New characters introduced this season also face challenging story arcs. Janelle, the prison counselor, starts off strong, but her character is significantly diminished by the end of the season as she starts a relationship with Osito and turns a blind eye to his criminal activities.

Despite the persistent issues with the characters, the storyline for the second season proves engaging enough for the audience to stick with. The series does a commendable job of bringing the narrative to the forefront, and despite its flaws, fans could find much to enjoy in Hightown’s second season, given its array of highs and lows.

Ratings of the Show

Hightown has garnered favorable ratings from both critics and audiences alike, with an approval rating of over 80% on Rotten Tomatoes. The unique blend of crime drama, thriller, and personal journey narrative has been appreciated by many.

Review of the Show

The show offers a captivating and realistic portrayal of the Cape Cod area, its people, and their struggles. The performances are outstanding, with Monica Raymund’s portrayal of Jackie often singled out for praise. Hightown’s immersive narrative has been commended for keeping viewers engaged and invested in the characters.

Where to Watch

Hightown is available to watch on the streaming platform Starz. The platform offers the complete seasons for fans to catch up on and will likely be the place to stream the new season once it is released.

More Interesting Things About Hightown Season 3

While we eagerly anticipate Hightown Season 3, we can expect more of the intense character dynamics, high stakes, and a deep dive into the drug crisis that has so far defined the series. Fans can also expect more of the spectacular Cape Cod scenery that adds to the unique flavor of the show.


Hightown has emerged as a compelling series that explores the intertwined lives of individuals on both sides of the law. While fans eagerly await the renewal and release date of Hightown Season 3, they can relive the thrilling journey of the first two seasons on Starz. Stay tuned with us for more updates and announcements about your favorite show!

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