His potential map was leaked in Vice City


As the year progresses, Rumors about him GTA 6 They will also be more stable. It is a fact that development is already underway Rock games, However, their Dates Display and launch remain a mystery. Despite the above, it has leaked since last year Information The key that gives us a better idea of ​​what lies ahead. Of course, no report might have produced as many opinions as the ones you’ll know today.

Before continuing, you must know this The information is not official and the wise thing is to take it easy. Leaks happen all the time and not all of them are true.

Recently, an image supposedly belonging to an island began circulating on a map GTA 6. The substance appeared in 4chan, although it expanded in the later hours Reddit And other social platforms. You can see it below:

Now, there are some points that need clarification. First of all, this This isn’t the first time he’s been part of a scene GTA 6. In fact, certain audiences confused the weekend leak with its October 2020 leak. And we don’t blame them, because the pictures are the same. You can compare your relationship to the previous year’s leak:

What happens next? Apparently, Both islands are part of the same map. The newest, however, will be the main island GTA 6While the other is a secondary area far from the big city. On Reddit, they didn’t waste their time and actually recreate the map layout based on an Old leak from 2018:

Now you are definitely aware of the rumors expecting this GTA 6 Will be set in Underworld. From what we can see in the pictures, at least the largest clear island Inspired by the Biscayne Bay area of ​​Miami. User Nicktestbranch from GTA Forums Create a comparison between the filtered image and the aerial view of the bay mentioned above – obtained from Google Maps. It’s very similar, isn’t it?

We point out once again that there is nothing confirmed by Rockstar Games. It’s not excluded that this is even a good conversation-building montage in a community that yearns to know the official details about GTA 6. Although, on the other hand, we also remember that a map Red Dead Redemption 2 Leaked out Two years before its announcement, no one paid any attention to it.

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