Hospitals face side effects of court ruling on vaccination mandate


New York.- A few days after the Supreme Court’s ruling ordering the vaccination of health care workers, the country’s health care systems are facing the prospect of some resistance and additional staff shortages — particularly in states that have prohibited such mandates or none.

The ruling comes not long after the first anniversary of the vaccine being widely distributed in a country still deeply divided over how best to protect Americans during a pandemic that has triggered multiple waves.

By upholding the requirements of Biden’s administration of millions of health care workers, the decision could pressure health care workers to oppose state and federal policies.

Local and regional hospitals, as well as multistate hospital chains, have faced resistance among some nurses and other staff to the Covid vaccines.

Several of the largest hospitals, including the Cleveland Clinic and HCA Healthcare, suspended their vaccination mandates last month while they await the Supreme Court’s decision.

Some continue to assess the struggle with the unclear anti-vaccine requirements imposed in Florida, Texas and other states.

However, many medical experts say the mandates are effective in persuading more people to get vaccinated, which they say is needed to prevent the spread of the virus.

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