Hot? This app tells you where to walk so it gives you shade


shadow map It is the application that acts as a file Google Maps Of the ways in which there are ShadeWith this app, you will be able to walk during hot days without having to sweat from the sun.

Mexico has cities where the heat is a real problem and where it is impossible to walk in the summer if it is not for Shade. In this case, a shadowmap appeared, an application that allows you to detect the most shaded streets and asnillos to choose the best course of action, the store or your school.

Shadowmap shows in real time, in hours, where there is a shadow according to the position of the sun, as well as the direction we are going. Simply enter the app, register your location, and the app will tell you how the sun will affect the streets you plan to travel according to the time of day and where you are.

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With its tracking system, you can see how sunlight affects your area from dawn to dusk The only bad thing is that there is still no record of all cities, and in some cases not all colonies and Streets. But in the meantime, in Mexico City and even in Monterrey you can use it.

In fact, the purpose of Shadowmap outside of finding the shadow and going to the coolest place is the exact opposite. Shadowmap aims to help people find the sun. For example, this way you can see how many hours of natural light your home receives, if it’s a dark neighborhood, or if a particular room receives more light. Especially if you are thinking of moving home.

It’s also useful for those with solar panels, so they know what’s best for them and where to charge faster. It can be a useful app for photographers who are looking for areas with natural light and good lighting.

In fact, you can wait for Google Maps in the future to figure out the idea of ​​including a tool of this type in the More and Location app.

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