How to obtain nationality with investment


Spain launched the Golden Visa program in 2013 to support entrepreneurs and internationalisation. The Spain Golden Visa program offers a great opportunity to establish your habitual residence in Spain, especially if you want to invest in real estate and obtain Spain citizen by investment.

However, the application and processing of this type of nationality can be enormously complex, and for this reason, and to avoid mistakes, defects or inconveniences, the best way to obtain this type of nationality is to entrust the processing to professionals.

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Are you going to invest capital in the Spanish real estate market?

The development of a business project in Spain, which can be accredited as being of general interest, results in the granting of nationality. Thus, in order for the project to be considered of general interest, the following conditions must be met.

  1. It must create new jobs
  2. It must have a significant economic impact on the socio-demographic area where it is to be developed.
  3. It must contribute to technological or scientific innovation.

Necessary documentation

The granting of the visa will require the presentation of basic documents proving the investment and residence:

– EX 18 application form.

– Passport: original and photocopy, and fees.

– Certificate of census registration from the town hall.

– Depending on your personal situation, you will need to provide

– If you are working: “Vida Laboral”, original and photocopy.

– If you are unemployed: Declaration of income.

– Insurance policy: Original and photocopy.

– If you are retired: Declaration of income.

– E 121 or E 106 S1 forms: depending on your country of origin.

– If you have an old residence card: a certificate stating that it is still valid.

– Report confirming that the project is of general interest (this must be endorsed by the Directorate General for Trade and the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness).

To obtain this report, an application must be submitted to the aforementioned body with a company or business plan detailing the purpose of the project and the reason why it will end up being relevant to the Spanish economy.

Once the residence permit is obtained, the beneficiary will also be able to obtain a health card, driving license and other important documents.

Investment alternatives of the Spanish Golden Visa

The investment made in Spanish territory must, in turn, comply with a series of characteristics that make it eligible for a nationality visa or Golden Visa.

These requirements are as follows:

– Invest 500,000 euros in the purchase of Spanish real estate.

– 2 million euros in Spanish Treasury Bonds

– 1 million euros in shares in Spanish companies

– 1 million euros in constituted investment funds

– 1 million euros in bank deposits in Spanish financial institutions.

Therefore, what is required of the investor is a “significant” economic or business contribution that, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, contributes to the labour, socio-economic, technological or scientific system of the country.

How long is the residence permit granted for?

Finally, this type of residence permit is granted for no less than 2 years. After that, and assuming that the investor continues to meet all other requirements, a 5-year extension can be obtained, which will be renewed indefinitely every 5 years.

Thus, the investor will only have to visit Spain once before the expiry of each permit to apply for renewal.

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