“I use TikTok to improve my classes”

“I use TikTok to improve my classes”

Alejandro Muñoz, Professor of Rheumatology at the University of Seville Medical School.

Each year, medical degree students choose the person who was theirs “the best teacher” Among all the faculty members of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Seville. In 2022, for the second year in a row, Alejandro Munoz Jimenez This award was recognized, an award that was made possible by three keys: new technologies such as TikTok, passion and connection to the realities of the profession.

Munoz specializes in Rheumatology at the University Hospital Virgen del RosioIt is work that adds to the teaching and coordination of medical students. The recognition given by his students was a surprise, because last year it was the award that made me most excited and with this new honor now The work we were doing has been confirmed of the rheumatology service at the Virgen del Rossio Hospital during these two years.”

The key to connecting with students and making your classroom an open and continuous learning space lies in three pillars. The first is part of the doctor’s personality, “You have to be a Passionate about what you doIf you are passionate about your work, you are able to impart it and make students feel that way.”

But the classroom isn’t just filled with passion and invitation. Connect with students It is a challenge for educators in all fields, since generation gap It can be verified between students and teachers. Thus, Muñoz asserts that “you have to know the student and the youth well”, because this teacher was brought up at the very beginning of his teaching career. Download apps like TikTokand I’m starting to get interested in what the metaverse is, trap and rap and this is the key piece, The teacher cannot be separated from the student socially.” Thus, while teaching, Muñoz emphasized, “I use TikTok to improve my classes, with videos and music that students know and understand because it is part of their daily lives.”

“The teacher cannot be separated socially from the student”

The new technologies They are presented as essential tools to familiarize students, because although it is “not a sine qua non, it is essential In the middle of the class we can communicate with the student, with an example not the historical or typical football, this is an example that exists in your world, from TikTok or social networks. This makes the student follow you.”

Finally, the third way for medicine classes to become more than just a repository of data Explanation of reality. Something basic but not always taken into account. Thus, Muñoz points out that “often the theoretical class is separated from what medicine is and how it is implemented in a real way”, a condition that is resolved through “participation and communication between the class and the real world, something that is fundamental”.

Training doctors without neglecting other professions

although The shortage of specialists is a reality all over the national territoryAlejandro Muñoz’s experience as a teacher warns of the need to take into account Various features Existing in medical degree classrooms.

“The Very Polyhedral College of Medicinethe doctor should not only know how to pass a consultation or enter the operating room, it is also important to know how to prepare future scientists or management positions”, explains Muñoz.

At this point, from a teaching perspective, the importance of knowledge Students’ fabricthat is, the student is not a homogeneous entity, he has his interests and Not everyone has to end up as a surgeon or a specialist, There are also research or health department outlets. It is important to attract that student and put him on a path that is attractive to him so that he does not give up the degree.”

For future students going through medicine classes, Muñoz offers clear advice, “To become a doctor, you have to be good people, Be honest with yourself Above all, waking up every morning with a constant vocation to do it well, with these three things I believe success is assured.”

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