I’m a Virgo Season 2: Release Date, Spoilers, & Renewal Updates


As a colossal journey continues, viewers eagerly anticipate the return of the unconventional hit series, I’m a Virgo.

Introduced by Amazon Prime in 2023, the tale of the 13-foot tall man called Cootie swiftly stole the hearts of audiences, offering a unique blend of comedy, drama, and an undertone of profound introspection.

Quick Facts

  • No Of Season : 1
  • Release Date: To be released soon
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
  • Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video
  • Rating: 7.2/10 (IMDb)

Popularity of the Show

Ever since its inception, I’m a Virgo has been riding on a wave of popularity. The storytelling, an unprecedented blend of realism and fantasy, combined with stellar performances and audacious character design, garnered the series a fan base that spans across continents.

The portrayal of a 13-foot tall man navigating the perils of the ‘real’ world was welcomed with intrigue, driving the series to become one of the most talked-about new releases on Amazon Prime.

I’m a Virgo Season 2: Cancelled or Renewed?

While official announcements are awaited, given the tremendous popularity and critical acclaim of the first season, a renewal seems highly likely. The second season is anticipated to be on the horizon, though the exact timeline remains unconfirmed.

Release Date of I’m a Virgo Season 2

While the official release date for I’m a Virgo Season 2 is yet to be confirmed, considering the show’s success and fan demand, it is expected to hit the screens towards the end of 2024.

Cast of I’m a Virgo Season 2 

The casting of I’m a Virgo is a fascinating blend of known faces and fresh talents, a crucial element in crafting a captivating series. The ensemble’s performance has left a lasting impact, making the characters come alive in the minds of the audience.

At the forefront is Jharrel Jerome, who breathes life into the character of Cootie, our 13-foot tall protagonist. Jerome, best known for his Emmy-winning performance in When They See Us, has truly owned the character, bringing in a mix of sensitivity, vulnerability, and endearing charm.

His interpretation of Cootie’s childlike curiosity, innocence, and the occasional outbursts of courage has been nothing short of phenomenal.

Olivia Washington, portraying the role of Flora, Cootie’s love interest, has impressed viewers with her dynamic performance. Her nuanced portrayal of the strong and independent Flora, coupled with her complex emotional layers, has made her character extremely relatable and engaging.

I’m a Virgo – Overall Season Discussion
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Brett Gray as Felix, Cootie’s best friend, offers a mix of charisma, loyalty, and comic relief that complements the lead character’s narrative. His performance balances the gravity of the story with necessary light-heartedness, demonstrating his versatility as an actor.

Kara Young plays Jones, a complex character with multiple shades. Her character arc has been a thrilling watch, thanks to Young’s impressive acting skills. She presents Jones as someone who is brave yet vulnerable, independent yet reliant, thus making her one of the most intriguing characters in the series.

Allius Barnes as Scat, and Carmen Ejogo as LaFrancine, have delivered riveting performances, adding to the show’s dramatic flair.Mike Epps as Martisse, Cootie’s uncle, delivers a strong performance.

Walton Goggins as Hero, the antagonistic business tycoon, brings a charismatic villainy that serves as the perfect foil to Cootie’s innocence. His interpretation of Hero has been electrifying, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

 I’m a Virgo Season 2 Spoiler

The second season promises to delve deeper into Cootie’s life as he continues to grow, physically and emotionally

. From Jerome’s indications, the unfinished conversations and plot threads from season one are set to be picked up in the following season, providing more insight into Oakland’s societal landscape and Cootie’s unique experiences.

The mysterious rash will be another pivotal aspect of the forthcoming narrative, adding another layer to the pre-existing complexities of Cootie’s life. Further confrontations and challenges, along with deeper explorations into Cootie’s relationships, are also expected to form the crux of the season.

 I’m a Virgo Season 1 Recap

Season one was an emotional rollercoaster, with Cootie, our giant protagonist, stepping out of his sheltered life into the real world. Raised by his aunt and uncle in Oakland, Cootie’s naïve exploration of society, friendships, relationships, and confrontations with capitalism have been the major narrative themes.

Cootie’s relationship with the antagonistic Hero, a prominent business tycoon, was a significant plot arc that encapsulated the tussle between individuality and capitalism.

Their final confrontation, in particular, was a profound commentary on how capitalism can brainwash individuals and have a potentially destructive effect on society.

Towards the end of the first season, the viewers saw Cootie emerging victorious from a confrontation with Hero, cheered on by friends, family, and his romantic interest.

However, the celebration was short-lived as Cootie discovered a rapidly growing, slimy rash, adding an element of suspense for the forthcoming season.

Ratings of the Show

I’m a Virgo has enjoyed commendable ratings since its debut. It holds a well-deserved score of 7.1/10 on IMDb, with Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic rating it at 95% and 86%, respectively.

The unique narrative, blending comedy and drama, combined with a rare protagonist design, has been lauded across rating platforms.

Interesting thing about I’m a Virgo Season 2

The intriguing aspect about Season 2 is undoubtedly the anticipation of Cootie’s growth journey. The possible progression of his relationships, especially his romantic liaison, along with the resolution of his conflict with capitalism, are aspects fans eagerly look forward to.

Review of the Show

I’m a Virgo is an unconventional, captivating show, deviating from the usual television fare. The first season was an unexpected delight, stringing together engaging narratives and nuanced performances, all wrapped up in a wonderfully quirky package.

The series’ subsequent season is highly anticipated, with fans yearning for more of Cootie’s world.

Where to Watch

For those who wish to join Cootie on his extraordinary journey, the series is available on Amazon Prime Video. The platform offers an immersive viewing experience, ensuring you don’t miss out on any facet of Cootie’s fascinating world.


I’m a Virgo is an enthralling series that pushes the boundaries of conventional storytelling, offering a fresh perspective on the trials and tribulations of an average teenager, albeit one who is 13-foot tall.

The show promises a blend of comedy, drama, and introspection that keeps viewers hooked, eagerly anticipating the protagonist’s further adventures.

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