I’m sick of Biden: Mike Pence


Des Moines, Iowa — Former Vice President Mike Pence toured Iowa on Friday, attacking President Joe Biden’s administration for fomenting “a wave of left-wing politics that threatens to undo the progress we’ve made,” in speeches that could be a preview of his potential message for 2024, published CNN.

His trip to the first state to submit the presidential nomination provided an opportunity to see how Pence is trying to engineer a political future outside of former President Donald Trump’s shadow.

Despite his four-year loyalty, Pence has infuriated Republican Party leaders who support Trump for his refusal to carry out Trump’s will and intent – without any legal mechanism to do so – of bypassing electoral vote counting. Some states on January 6th.

Nevertheless, he received a warm reception in front of friendly crowds while trying to campaign early in the state – making hamburgers at the Sioux Center and receiving cheers from a socially conservative crowd that included his old allies in Des Moines.

Pence insisted that the agenda he and Trump had proposed in the 2020 campaign was the winning one, pointing to the Republican Party’s victories in the House of Representatives.

Although he mostly left Trump out of it, he omitted the recurring credits he had given the former president and used in his speeches during his four years as his vice president.

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