IMSS expands medical infrastructure in the state – El Sol de León

Marco Antonio Hernández Carrillo, delegate of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in Guanajuato, who plans to complete the construction of the 60th family medicine unit in Leon this year, as well as start building a medical unit in the capital of Guanajuato and another in Salamanca, where they continue to expand the spaces to honor Medicare for those who are eligible.

In an interview, he explained that in the specific case of Family Medicine Unit 60 in Lyon, the work is 85% complete and not completed due to a breach by the supplier, however, they believe it will start work in January.

He confirmed that they had also made arrangements to build a medical unit in the capital of Guanajuato and another in Salamanca, but he said the construction of the buildings had not yet been completed.

“This year we also expected to build a medical unit in the capital of Guanajuato, a family medicine unit and very possibly a unit in Salamanca, but we’re not done with that yet.”

He said that in the event of the completion of the construction of medical units in both municipalities, an important step will be taken to expand the available infrastructure and continue to meet the needs of rights holders that are increasing in the face of population growth.

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He added that in the case of municipalities seeking to achieve the construction of a new clinic in their lands, the process is more complicated as it is necessary to prepare an implementation project that will last between six months and one year.

“For a hospital, the process is much more complicated, it takes an implementation project between six months and a year, which is not something so simple, and we hope that by 2023 we will have more clarity and this will depend on the central offices.”

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