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Train your brain in the best way with the visual puzzle we provided for you and become a trend on social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The next visual game is a challenge for the brain where you have to find the hidden word, but you have to be before the given time. You will have to put your abilities to the limit to reach a solution, and as simple as it may seem, this challenge depends on perception and speed of vision, and not everyone is able to sharpen their vision.

Although this challenge is not classified as the most difficult, things can get complicated if you do not pay enough attention and do not adapt to the rhythm of the puzzles, because when it comes to solving puzzles, several areas of the brain must be activated in order to get a good result.

It is appropriate to mention that brain games are an educational resource for training the mind, although it depends on the level of difficulty and genre, you must know how to choose the puzzles that suit your needs, we can find a logical and mathematical word. Find puzzles, crossword puzzles, puzzles, to name a few.

For now, we suggest that you start with an easy level, where you will be able to climb towards the more difficult challenges of social networks when you complete the puzzles. Then we put at your disposal a simple mystery Made by a team Gorgeous Guru Which consists of finding a different word 8 seconds ago.

You have 8 seconds to find the word “PAELLA”

picture: Gorgeous Guru

Today’s challenge was to find the word “PAELLA” But do you know what that means? Here we tell you:

Word Payella It refers to a dish prepared on the basis of rice that can contain different meats or seafood, and is a typical dish from Spain.

Learn the location of the different word

picture: Gorgeous Guru

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