In the United States they arrested the alias Gato, accused of committing violations in Cali – Cali – Colombia


His nickname is “Jato” by which he is famous Cheating through fake social media profiles For minors in Colombia to obtain pornographic videos and photos, he was arrested in the United States, where he resides.

This was announced by the National Police, through Major General Jorge Luis Vargas, Director of the National Police, who added that The captive was constantly moving to Cali to commit their crimes.

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The man in uniform says this captivity was made thanks to Coordinated work with organists and authorities from the United States In relation to immigration services issues.

“We have programs with them against the perpetrators of sexual acts against children and adolescents at the Colombian level,” General Vargas says.

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Regarding the arrest, the police high command explained that there had been an “electronic spread for five years, which allowed this person to be Fall and capture.”

“I traveled and came to Cali, contacted them (minors) with false information from the United States to get videos of pornographic materials with minors and in the same way that they sexually abused them. It was one of the most important jobs because of the amount of information out there in the United States against this subject,” he explained The man in the uniform.

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