Insomniacs After School Chapter 112: Spoilers, Raw Scan & Release Date


Insomniacs After School is a critically acclaimed manhwa series that has not only gripped South Korea but also won the hearts of manga and manhwa lovers across the globe.

With the suspenseful release of Chapter 111, fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the upcoming Chapter 112. This series has effectively combined elements of fantasy, drama, and teenage angst in a unique premise where students battle with sleep disorders, providing a fresh and engaging perspective on the manhwa genre.

Quick Facts

  • No Of Chapter:111
  • Release Date: June 20, 2023
  • Language: Japanese
  • Genre: Fantasy, & Drama
  • Where to Read: Viz Media

Popularity of the Show

With its well-crafted characters and captivating narrative, Insomniacs After School has succeeded in creating an empathetic chord with the audience. Particularly for the youth, the series’ exploration of friendship, love, and adolescent challenges is relatable and endearing, hence contributing to its rapidly growing popularity.

Release Date of Insomniacs After School Chapter 112

Chapter 112 of Insomniacs After School is set to be released on June 20, 2023. Expectations are running high among fans as they anticipate more exciting plot developments and character growth. As the release date approaches, the excitement in the manga community is palpable.

Cast of Insomniacs After School Chapter 112

Insomniacs After School features an ensemble cast of characters who add depth and color to the series. Yoon Tae, the main character, is the embodiment of teenage angst wrapped in the enigma of insomnia. The exploration of his city and interactions with various characters at night as he battles his sleep issues bring forward a vast array of personalities that further enrich the narrative.

Other significant characters include Yoon Tae’s close friends and fellow insomniacs, each grappling with their struggles. The diverse cast comprises individuals from various backgrounds, dealing with unique problems, thereby making the narrative more appealing and relatable to a wide range of readers.

Every character in the series contributes to the storyline’s momentum, with each character arc intertwining and playing off each other, creating a complex and compelling narrative.

Insomniacs After School Chapter 112  Spoiler 

The anticipation for Chapter 112 revolves around Yoon Tae’s continual struggle with his insomnia and how he’ll navigate the complexities of his relationships. Readers can also expect to see more exploration of Yoon Tae’s city at night and the adventures and experiences that stem from these explorations. Given the narrative’s trajectory, this chapter is likely to introduce new characters and plotlines that will push the boundaries of the story.

Insomniacs After School Chapter 111 Recap

Insomniacs After School Chapter 111 presented a fascinating turn of events that added to the complexity and depth of the narrative. This chapter took readers deeper into the life of the protagonist, Yoon Tae, and his struggle with insomnia, a central theme of the series.

Chapter 111 began with Yoon Tae navigating through his daily life, shadowed by the chronic issue of insomnia. His inability to sleep for more than a few hours each night has become a significant concern, affecting his performance in school and his interpersonal relationships.

Despite this, Yoon Tae has found ways to keep himself busy during his sleepless hours, mainly by exploring the city and getting involved in new adventures.

However, the primary focus of this chapter was an exploration into Yoon Tae’s past. The narrative delves into the events that led to his insomnia, providing readers a thorough understanding of his mental health condition. This retrospective journey offered valuable insights into the progression of his sleep disorder, linking it to traumatic events from his past.

A significant portion of Chapter 111 centered around the emotional turmoil Yoon Tae experiences due to his insomnia. The chapter portrayed how he grappled with feelings of isolation and loneliness that stemmed from his sleeplessness. These emotional nuances were reflected in Yoon Tae’s interactions with his family and friends, showing the extent of his struggle.

This chapter also highlighted the significance of seeking professional help for mental health issues. Yoon Tae’s visit to a psychologist symbolized an essential step in dealing with his insomnia, setting an example for readers about the importance of addressing and managing mental health issues.

In a gripping conclusion, Chapter 111 of Insomniacs After School left readers eagerly awaiting the release of the subsequent chapter. As Yoon Tae confronts his insomnia and the emotional baggage that comes with it, it has piqued the curiosity of the readers about the future direction of the storyline.

Overall, Chapter 111 was an immersive blend of poignant character exploration and skillful storytelling. It brought to light Yoon Tae’s plight, deepening readers’ empathy for the protagonist. This chapter’s exploration of such a sensitive issue as insomnia, coupled with a deep dive into the protagonist’s past, made it a standout entry in the Insomniacs After School series.

Raw Scan Release of Insomniacs After School Chapter 112

Insomniacs After School Chapter 112’s English raw scan is set to release on June 17, 2023. It’s a much-anticipated date for the manga community as the raw scans often provide the earliest glimpse of the upcoming chapter.

It serves as the initial step before translations and proofreading. This date is specifically significant to the international fans who rely on these scans to get the earliest possible access to the new chapter’s content. So, mark your calendars for June 17th and be ready for an early sneak peek into Chapter 112 of Insomniacs After School.

Ratings and Reviews of the Show

Insomniacs After School has received high ratings and positive reviews from critics and readers alike. The authentic depiction of adolescent life, paired with the unique premise of battling sleep disorders, has been lauded. The manga series’ gorgeous artwork and compelling character development, coupled with its intricate narrative, have earned it a dedicated fanbase, further solidifying its position in the manga world.

Where to Read 

Chapter 112 of Insomniacs After School can be read on the official manga website like Viz Media. The English translated version can be found on various manga sites and apps such as MangaFox and MangaRock.


Insomniacs After School has been a remarkable addition to the world of manhwa, gaining recognition for its unique storytelling and character development. As we await the release of Chapter 112, the suspense and intrigue continue to build, leaving fans in a state of anticipation.

This chapter is expected to offer fresh perspectives on the characters’ lives and exciting story changes, keeping the audience hooked to the series. So, mark your calendars and get ready to dive back into the world of Insomniacs After School.

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