Intervention is done to remove the double chin, now he says it looks like an ‘old chicken’ | News from Mexico

Some people who have undergone plastic surgery are not satisfied with the result, such as the case of Jane Bowman after she underwent an intervention on her double chin.

Milenio reports that the 59-year-old woman from Hampshire, England, contracted the virus after she passed through fibrous plasma that tightens the skin.

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Jane found a therapist who specializes in this treatment through social networks and paid her 500 pounds (more than 12,000 pesos) to have her double chin removed, but now she feels like an “old chicken”, because her neck is so tight. red scars;

“I wish my neck was still dangling; it was better than I left it,” the woman told The Sun.

About the fibroplasma procedure, he stated, “It was so painful, it burned like hell. I told the therapist I was in pain, but she didn’t seem bothered, she told me I had to keep going or it wouldn’t work.

After that, she applied the cream to treat the burn, but scars in the form of dots appeared immediately. In view of this, the woman called the attending physician, who gave her “light therapy” and “micro-needles”, but none of this could remove the marks on her skin.

“I don’t want to go out anymore. I’m reclusive because I don’t want people to see my horrible scars. They look very ugly, and I am very angry,” Bowman concluded.

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