Interview with coach Oscar Barriga, US Champion

Interview with coach Oscar Barriga, US Champion

Antioquia coach Oscar Barriga, former player of the Colombian national team, Kale and Deem, won his second title in the US Open Lamar Hunt, this time at the head of the Orlando City team, after the victory he won in 2016 with Dallas, with who also won the MLS Supporters Shield.

Orlando defeated Sacramento 3-0 in the final of the tournament, thus achieving the first title in Major League Soccer.

One day after this feat, EL COLOMBIANO spoke with a pisa technician.

How did you experience this new title in your career?

“I was very impressed because it is a way to get the country abroad, so that people are better aware of what is going on in our country.”

What was the hardest thing about this achievement?

“He took a team that was gaining fame in MLS. In these two and a half years we have created a winning culture, with the ability to be a competitive team. We have already reached two finals, two play-offs and now winning a title for this whole club is very good.”

Already in the United States, football is a passion…

“It’s unbelievable how football has changed the mentality of people here, it has generated tremendous passion, the fan has been half crouched and flat, but in recent years he has come out to express himself and this club has shown that they have a fantastic fan base.”

What is your motivation for taking on this challenge?

“What drove me to get here the most was the multiculturalism that exists in Florida and the Latin American passion around the team. I knew I could channel that right, make a good team and give the fans a greater sense of belonging to the club.”

What caught your attention the most?

They had no fewer divisions and loved working with the grassroots. It was a very good challenge for what I love, which is building and winning, but above all leaving an imprint on the club I’m at.”

When are you going out in Colombia?

“When the time comes and there is interest and I am not in competition, because whenever there are contacts they take me into competition and it is difficult to get out of those obligations.”

They say there is an interest in being the coach of the United States…

“At the time I was very close to being one, but they chose a very good coach like Greg Berhalter, a very prepared boy, but we continue with that desire to be able to lead the national team.”

We saw many Colombians accompany the team in the final…

“Yes, there are many citizens here, in the final they were noticed and one feels more proud of that.”

What distinguishes the campus?

“It was a grateful group, we wrote a good story and the players felt important.”

how was the celebration?

“We celebrated in the club, we celebrated with the boys. We lived that historic moment, we were with the fans and the fans, and on Thursday, we were at the city hall with the president who gave us a very nice party.”

What is your next challenge?

“After finishing the regular season well, we are in the playoffs zone in the playoffs and are waiting to see what comes next. My contract expires in December, but the club has already reiterated their desire to extend the bond.”

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