iPhone: Trick to delete duplicate photos if you have iOS 16 | Smartphone | Applications | nda | nnni | sports game

iPhone: Trick to delete duplicate photos if you have iOS 16 |  Smartphone |  Applications |  nda |  nnni |  sports game

In many cases, it is possible to have several Duplicate in order to select what we like the most, but if saved to a file They will take up a lot of memory.

To avoid this, the Iphone They have a rather convenient option to find Duplicate photos So you can erase it forever. if you own -You can apply a simple trick.

Where sportsIn this article, we show you a step-by-step that you must follow from your smartphone.

How to locate and delete duplicate photos on iPhone

  • The first step is to open a file photo apps from your iPhone.
  • Then click the option albumslocated at the bottom of the screen.
  • After that, up to the option Services.
  • Now give the alternative redundant.
  • After that, all the photos that you have duplicate will be displayed.
  • Select all the photos you don’t want to store and click on them fuse.
  • Finally, confirm the action by clicking Merge items.

How to cancel sending email from iPhone

  • The first thing you should do is go to Adjust from your iPhone.
  • Now, click on Mail and choose at the bottom of the options Undo the delay in sending.
  • Among the alternatives, set the time to delete an email from Mail.
  • Once you’re done, type a message and hit send.
  • Within moments, you should be back in your inbox.
  • In this part, you will have to choose in Undo Send.
  • Then open the tab erasersto view mail you didn’t just send.

Requirements Your iPhone must have to install iOS 16

  • The first step is to find out if you Iphone Among the models that can do it Update to iOS 16.
  • Next, make sure you have a file available space To download the latest version of iOS 16.
  • This is the opportunity to Delete all files, videos or photos that you no longer need This only occupies the memory on your smartphone.
  • Currently, Update all apps that you have installed on your iPhone. This way you can prevent them from making a mistake later.
  • finally, Make a backup To prevent your important information from being erased while installing iOS 16. You can do this from a computer or from iCloud.

So you can delete Safari history from iPhone

  • From your iPhone, go to Settings application.
  • After that, open the option Safari.
  • Then scroll down the screen and select the book-shaped icon.
  • After that, a list of options will appear. Click on the clock icon.
  • Now, head down and select the delete button.
  • Several alternatives will appear such as: Today, Today, Yesterday, Last Hour, and Always.
  • Choose Always and you will have deleted all your Safari history.

You can apply this trick whenever you want to get rid of the searched information on your smartphone and select the preferred time interval.

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