Is Apple Arcade Preparing Users for The Increasing Likely Over Game Turnover?


Apple Arcade launched in 2019, but the start didn’t go as well as Apple expected. Apple Arcade’s idea is to offer a gaming experience based on a subscription model. It’s similar to Xbox Pass or PlayStation Now on gaming consoles.

Apple already had a vast premium game library, so what was the primary motive? First, the company wanted to offer free games without in-game purchases. Then, however, the mobile gaming market moved in the other direction as Free 2 play games became the primary source of revenue.

Games leaving the Apple Arcade

Unlike some other game subscription services, developers don’t have the means to transfer players’ progress onto another platform if a game leaves Apple Arcade. So why would the game leave Apple Arcade?

The problem is with the concept of the service. If developers create a game with the free to play mechanics, the game changes its identity once on the Apple Arcade. Without in-app purchases, the storyline and the pace of the game change. Modern mobile games constantly create additional content to keep gamers occupied, while the Arcade Originals concept doesn’t have long-term playability once gamers finish the game.

Some developers decided to leave the Apple universe and try with the F2P model, where a much more significant upside is possible. Apple chose to inform the users about the games leaving the Arcade, something they didn’t do in the past. As a result, we will see a higher game turnover in the future, with more titles going out and coming into the subscription service.

Critics are not down on Apple because of the Arcade concept, as much as they are with the lack of promotion for their gaming service. Is the weak marketing output a sign of possible shutdown of the Arcade platform? There are no clear indications Apple will close the platform, but many players don’t appreciate Arcade’s constraint and closed ecosystem.

iGaming and Casino alternatives

If you’re not into Apple subscription with the enclosed ecosystem and don’t want to play with in-game purchases in Android free-to-play games, there is a substantial alternative field in iGaming.

Research the vast market, find out how to win at online roulette, and unlock thousands of casual games in various iGaming outlets. There is a wide variety of games, and the platforms use the latest technology. You can play without the monthly subscription and on any device with a capable browser.

Playing the long game

Apple introduced the M1 chipset for laptops and computers a couple of years ago. This is relevant development because these chips are mobile ARM compatible with the ones in iPads and iPhones. Moreover, the benchmarks showed that the M1, and later series of chips are highly competent.

M1 chip development means Apple can have cross-platform apps, including games. So, in the long haul, Apple Arcade could bring up a bigger spark to somewhat poor gaming offers on Mac computers.

While gaming media, players and developers have issues with the Arcade service, lack of promotion and moving away from lucrative free-to-play concept, the financial sector still sees Arcade as a viable force in the future.

According to J.P. Morgan, Apple Arcade and Music could earn more than $8 billion in revenue by 2025. In addition, the analysts estimate Arcade will reach over 1.3$ billion in the next three years.

Top games on Apple Arcade

Pocket Build + is a sandbox world builder where you can create a fantasy world. It is a perfect casual game. The likes of Apple Arcade had few upon launch.

Dandara: Trials of Fear+ is an epic adventure game with great visuals and fast gameplay mechanics. You must save the world by going through massive levels swarming with enemies. The gameplay reminds me a bit of Nintendo’s classic Metroid.

Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City is set in a desert environment with a minimalistic art style and engaging gameplay. The endless running style with cool tricks and simple controls makes the Alto series popular.

Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls is a classic 2D arcade. You take a character through a fantasy Castlevania world in a side-scrolling platformer with unique gothic visuals and an authentic soundtrack. The gameplay will be familiar to all Castlevania players.

One of the complaints for Apple Arcade was there are no games like The Legends of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Genshin Impact. Oceanhorn 2 is not Zelda, but it is close enough. The game brings a vast world, RPG gameplay, varied enemies and demanding puzzles. It is among the most impressive titles in the Arcade library and one of the most appealing for RPG fans.

Galaga Wars+, Prune+, Lego Star Wars  Battles, Fantasian, and Reigns: Beyond are among the most popular titles on the platform.

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