Is closing back? China faces its worst COVID outbreak since the start of the epidemic – El Financiero

Is closing back?  China faces its worst COVID outbreak since the start of the epidemic – El Financiero

This Saturday, China reported more than 3300 cases of covid-19 virusAs the country is facing its worst outbreak since the early days of the epidemic, the authorities are intensifying their efforts to stop its spread.

On Sunday, the ministry said that 1,807 locally confirmed infections and 1,315 asymptomatic local cases had been recorded. National Health Commission. The northeastern province of Jilin has reported more than 2,100 cases.

China has reported more than 200 imported cases

China is dealing with new local infections that are increasing at a rate not seen since the peak of the outbreak in Wuhan, the first center of the virus.

Deputy Prime Minister Sun Chunlan on Saturday pledged strict measures to stop regional gatherings and urged officials to implement rapid antigen tests as well as nucleic acid tests to keep pace with the spread of omicron.

He said the country should “resolutely stick to the bottom line to prevent a return to scale”.

China will (again) work from home

Last week, China approved five rapid tests for COVID . antigen It is developed by national companies. Guangzhou Wondfo Biotech, one of the companies that obtained the permit, has signed an agreement to sell its kits through DaShenLin Pharmaceutical outlets and online platform.

Regional governments are stepping up efforts to contain the spread of the virus in their regions. Shanghai has asked people to provide negative DNA test results in the past 48 hours if they want to leave or enter the city, according to a statement issued by the municipal government on Saturday night.

The Beijing Daily reported that the southern province of Guangdong sacked six officials, including the deputy head of the provincial public security department, over a cluster outbreak in Dongguan City on March 1.

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