Is it appropriate to have a partner and study medicine?

Is it appropriate to have a partner and study medicine?

Medical students.

The dedication that future residents must employ to be able to process Preparing for the MIR . Exam It means leaving aside some personal issues, among which emotional and loving relationships can be listed. This was stated by a medical student on his social networking sites, which he described as “Poisoning” Teaching that “destroys personal and emotional development.”

These statements were accompanied by a video of MIR’s advice in which they insisted not to fall in love while preparing for the test, sparking controversy and debate on Twitter.: Is it compatible to have a partner and study medicine? “Medical students are those people who are able to leave love and relationships for the sake of study,” some write with displeasure.

“Emotional Relationships Above MIR or Medicine”

However, there are those who do not share this view and claim that it is an “exaggeration” and assert that medical studies can be reconciled with an emotional relationship. “Relationships, whether friendship or flirting, are above any exam, be it MIR or the job‘, writes a user about it, noting that if you have this attitude ‘when you’re a resident you won’t have anyone to party with’.

Finally, a student went further and Compare the medical profession to a toxic relationship. He admitted: “It seems we are married by race,” asserting that “when you want to go out with friends, you can’t because you have exams.” That’s when you want to sleep, “sometimes negative thoughts spin you in and then you think about possible failures.”

While, on the other hand, many users insist that “it is not reasonable to leave a couple in the middle of preparing a MIR or any other opposition”. They point out that “these are the months or years when you most need the support of your loved ones.”

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