Is it possible to prevent presbyopia?

With age, many people begin to suffer from the effects of presbyopia, commonly known as tired eyes. It is an unpleasant problem, and it may even force those who suffer from it to wear glasses for reading or performing other activities. Knowing this, it is natural to wonder if there is anything we can do to prevent it.

An inevitable natural process

More specifically, presbyopia is defined as the loss of the ability to focus on nearby objects as a result Lens aging, The natural lens of the eye. It is estimated that it affects more than half of people over 45 years of age.

Well, it has been believed for years that glasses speed up this process, and therefore, delaying the start of wearing glasses as much as possible ensures that the progression of presbyopia is as slow as possible. This, however, It’s a legend; The use of glasses does not at least affect the natural aging of the lens.

In fact, as it happens with the rest of the body, the aging process is Inevitable in the end It cannot be completely stopped in any way.

However, there are some actions that can help delay a little his appearance, to reduce as much as possible exposure to one of the main catalysts of the process: ultraviolet light. In that sense, using glasses with filters can make a difference.

In addition to some sources such as the specialized portal top doctors Others recommend Additional precautions Such as following a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids and low in omega-6 fatty acids or performing various exercises to stimulate accommodation and visual therapy.

How is presbyopia treated?

Be that as it may, the medical approach is rather based on correcting the effects of presbyopia by various mechanisms. The simplest and most widespread is to use classic glasses Although there are other options that may be more appropriate in some cases.

For example, there is a difference Surgical interventions It can almost permanently solve the problem of presbyopia, such as laser corneal shaping, intracorneal lens implants (fillings), intraocular lens implants or scleral device implants.


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