Isolate yourself If you suspect you have coronavirus, leave your papers to a family member: Health

“Many cases are shown, it is very important that you carry a file isolation. If you have COVID-19 and have to do administrative processLet someone do it a favour You,” Deputy Director Avila called Friday in the daily report which broke the record with 1,053 positive points in the last day.

“Yes it is suspicious You have to do isolation Until we get a COVID-19 test result, it will help us prevent an increase in the number of cases,” Wendy Avila recalls.

Also, if you are suspected, you should immediately self-isolate and wait to test for symptoms or allow the number of days recommended by your doctor to pass.

The deputy director of preventive medicine in Chihuahuan recommended: “If we really get sick, we should seek (medical, everyone) help.”

“If your family is negative, you have to isolate yourself from your family in BedroomsAir it, use a face mask, and let the food leave it “to avoid further infections.

Occupation hospitable And he added, “It has remained about 50%, today 58.43%, it may rise” after the record wave of infected people.

“It is important Don’t get sick All at the same time, just as we have many cases, we could be in many hospitals” and that would saturate the health system.

Finally, he asked for “patience and respect from health workers for their exceptional work with very high workloads”.

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