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Google Play wants to become a more organized and safe app store for users. In a blog, Google indicated that in 2021 it will implement a series of New requirements for developers Related to icons, images, and titles of your games and applications. When these new guidelines come into effect, it is expected that they will Google Play does not contain deceptive appsOr too flashy addresses or suspicious icons. Of course, Google Play wants to look a lot closer to the Apple App Store.

These are the changes that Google Play will soon undergo

Users see free will in Google Play for many years when it comes to this Wacky headings, emojis, and symbols. This will soon change so that the entire store embraces a less decorative aesthetic. Google’s goal is to make sure Applications do not cheat Or suggest users with your icons and addresses. These are some of the changes to come:

  • 30 characters maximum for the title
  • A clear and accurate address without unnecessary additions
  • Capitalized words cannot be used
  • Recurring special characters cannot be used
  • You will not be able to use the emojis
  • Graphic elements that define possible arrangement in symbols may not be used
  • You will not be able to use order references in the title

These changes are intended to terminate the applications that prepare Games ranked first From menus without being, apps that stand out from the crowd thanks to a capitalized title, etc.

It’s an interesting change, because the developers are now They should strive to provide better game / app descriptionsAnd better screenshots and videos. The icon and title won’t become a minor part, far from it, but now it can’t be used to appear above the rest.

If you have an iPhone and enter the App Store You will see that all of these requirements are very similar and there are very few apps that go beyond these requirements. It’s an app store With more harmony And in which there are no very extravagant icons or attractive titles that later do not correspond to reality.

Google has yet to announce the exact date for developers to implement these changes, but we know that It will arrive in 2021. Hope for the end of the year Google Play is similar to the app store, Which we think is very positive.


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