It’s not a fantasy beast, it’s a picture of a common insect

It’s not a fantasy beast, it’s a picture of a common insect

(CNN) – This picture does not depict any of the new creatures.”Dragon HouseThis isn’t an excerpt from a horror movie, either: it’s an award-winning close-up…Ant.

The stunning image is one of 57 featured images in Nikon Small World Photomicrography Contest. The terrifying photo was captured by Lithuanian photographer Eugenius Kavaliauskas.

Credit: Nikon Small World / Eugenijus Kavaliauskas

This is the 48th year of the competition, which seeks to “recognize excellence in imaging through the microscope,” according to a joint press release with CNN.

The 2022 competition received nearly 1,300 entries from 72 countries, according to Nikon.

Kavaliauskas previously worked as a bird photographer before moving on to insects, According to your website. Use the reflected light to take the close-up of the ant, complete with dark red eyes and what appears to be an angry expression.

Although the photo received a viral reception on the Internet, Kavaliauskas did not receive the first prize in the competition.

This honor went to Swedish photographers Grigorii Timin and Michel Milinkovitch, who produced a Beautiful fluorescent picture From the introduction of the giant day gecko fetus in Madagascar. They used 63x magnification to document the fine veins and bones of the hand.

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