Ivana Trump … the woman who did not forgive infidelity and took 25 million

Ivana Trump … the woman who did not forgive infidelity and took 25 million

The couple had three children: Donald Jr.And the Ivanka s Eric. But their union ended when he committed infidelity. Urban legend asserts that the mistress of a millionaire, Marla MapleThe aspiring actress admitted it Ivana about her relationship with her husband. The businesswoman did not stand idly by.

The most famous divorce

Two months after this confession made in Aspen, Colorado, Ivana She decided that she wanted a divorce and took responsibility for the separation accused Donald From his “cruel and inhuman” treatment he demanded $25 million, of which $10 was demanded in cash.

Eric, Ivana and Ivanka Trump pose for a 1995 photo in New York.

¡Ivana He didn’t get angry, he took it all! , will also recommend years later. Then she became a character who inspired her not to step on herself and to reinvent herself, to re-emerge from the bad moment as a strong woman, with her shop in fashion and emotional consultancy and also as the author of two novels.

loves the other

As for love, the Czech did not limit herself and found it in Italians, the first was Ricardo Mazucelli, although it did not work out either, after 22 months they decided to separate. But then it came Roffredo Gaetania di Laurenzana dell’Aquila d’Aragona LovatelliFerrari tycoon and her fourth husband Rossano Rubicondiwho died in 2021.

Ivana Donald Trump 1989
Ivana and Donald Trump enjoyed their love, though it didn’t end well.

Evan Trump He died today at the age of 73; On her Instagram account her daughter Ivanka She wrote: “Sorrowing my mother’s passing. My mother was wonderful, charming, emotional, and sinisterly funny. She was an example of strength, perseverance and determination in every act of hers. She lived life to the fullest, never missing an opportunity to laugh and dance.”

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