Jin: Women Unknown: The Fight Continues | The HBO documentary has become even more important after the cancellation of Roe vs. Valley in the United States

Janes: Unknown Women 7 points

jeansUnited States, 2022

Direction and text: Tia Lisin and Emma Builds.

Period: 101 minutes.

Translators: Judith Archana, Mary Lehner, Martha Scott, Eleanor Oliver, Laura Kaplan, Patricia Novick-Rabe, Heather Booth, Diane Stevens.

the first show: on HBO Max.

On June 25, the United States Supreme Court overturned the landmark ruling in the case known as ru vs. valley, whose implementation on January 22, 1973 effectively legalized abortion throughout the United States. Legalization in quotes, because, unlike in Argentina, the parliament of that country has never approved a federal law affirming the right to voluntarily boycott pregnancy. The Supreme Court’s decision, then, represents a shocking setback in terms of civil rights and, in particular, in women’s ability to decide what happens to their bodies or regarding the biological processes that occur within.

A problem that affects not only American citizenship, but also, by virtue of the place of power occupied by the culture of that country, is posed as the spearhead of Western thought, which during the twenty-first century has been showing a conservative turn every time. Clearer. for this documentary Janes: Unknown WomenProduced and published by HBO, it’s timely. Not just because it appears The struggle of a group of women in the late sixties and early sixties They decide to take a risk to ensure others have access to this right denied them by the state, but it illustrates the massive regression represented by the court’s ruling, a leap back 50 years in legal issues and women’s rights.

The title of the film refers to the name of an illegal organization of women based in Chicago., which began in 1968 to provide support to other women experiencing unwanted pregnancies. Its founders chose this name, Jane, because at the same time that she expressed the feminine identity behind the initiative, she was also eloquent in ensuring her anonymity (remember that ‘Jane Doe’ is the feminine equivalent of the expression ‘Juan Pérez’ in English). Spanish). This need must go unnoticed specifically The illegality of their social serviceincluding the practice of abortions they have performed themselves. The participating women themselves recall, from a first-person perspective, that at that time everything related to clandestine abortion was in the hands of mafia organizations, and every year this resulted in a series of avoidable deaths.

Directed alongside expert documentary filmmaker Tia Lisin and newcomer Emma Beldes, Jin: unknown women He managed to become a captivator Despite its “square” shape. This is not only due to the richness of testimonies made by those who were part of that initiative, through a rigorous apparatus of speech, or to the efficiency with which the historical context is reconstructed. He makes the movie too Appropriate use of shotsThis creates the illusion that the viewer is completely immersed in time. In addition, the directors were able to give the story an intense tempo but without overflow, superimposing it on a narrative structure that is not exempt from turning points, escalation, interesting moments and even its opposite climax, causing the softening of the more traditional elements of true interest that the plot succeeds in evoking.

In case of necessity, the film emphasizes that the struggles and arguments that movements for women’s rights are championing today are nothing new. Although it is hard to believe at some point, These are the same struggles that are still ongoing and many unresolved, but half a century later. An uphill road in which the heroes advance two steps forward and one step back, but with the certainty of what they can no longer stop. s Janes: Unknown Women Very eloquent in expressing this conviction.

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