Joe Biden gets lost in the cafeteria during G7 and causes diners to laugh – Uno TV

After the dinner laugh, Assistant to the President Joe Biden led him to where he should go. Photo: AFP

Joe Biden, President United State, It was an embarrassing moment during his trip to G7 summit, in Cornwall, England; then in We will tell you what happened and how the president reacted.

A video clip circulated on social media shows how the President of the Republic entered a cafeteria area that was not designated for visiting tribal leaders. G7Well, they had a reserved area.

The video shows how the president, apparently confused, enters an area of ​​tables with diners, where a woman is He began recording it and questioned him about his stay in Cornwall. This is what you hear in the video.

a continuation, You can watch the video:

Woman: How was your meeting here in Cornwall, Mr. President?

Biden: How?

Woman: How was your meeting here in Cornwall, Mr. President?

Biden: Very well.

everyone laughs

After the diners laughed, Jill Biden, the chief’s wife, entered by him and led him where he ought to go.

Leaders of the world’s most advanced economies gather on the coast Cornwall For the first time since the epidemic started before Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19); On this occasion, the President was welcomed Biden like new G7 member.

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