Josef Pena, Schwarzenegger’s son, ready to compete?


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    What or what Joseph Pina He follows in the footsteps of his father, bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger, of course, but … will he become like him in acting and in the world of bodybuilding? Certainly not, but the enthusiasm puts it down. In one of his recent Instagram posts, the young man appears with a friend who is training to put a bodybuilder in front of a mirror. And yes, he’s not his dad, but he does have a good foundation in case he dares to compete.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger He won in his youth seven times Mr. Olympia Against such high-profile competitors as Lou Ferrigno, who would later become La Masa in the cinema. Given the standard of this competition in its latest edition, Baena still has a long way to go. what do you think? Do you think Joseph Pina will have a future? Competing for a bodybuilder?

    In addition, the Son of Arnold Schwarzenegger Preparing for its cinema premiere with two films, High Bully s trolley. By the way, the first has an atmosphere elite, Netflix success.

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