Is Josh Gates Still Married? Let’s Us Know About Josh Gates Marriage Life


From haunted forests to underwater explorations, Josh Gates has ventured into the unknown corners of the world. But beyond the on-screen adventure and thrill, the man’s personal life is equally fascinating, filled with love, family, and untold stories.

This article will walk you through the life of Josh Gates, his illustrious career, the twists and turns of his personal life, and an unfortunate turn of events leading to his divorce from Hallie Gnatovich.

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Josh Gates is an American television presenter, television producer, and author, born on August 10, 1977. Gates rose to prominence as the host of Syfy’s Destination Truth, a global adventure that took him and a small crew to far-flung locales to investigate age-old mysteries and legends.

The show stood out for its blend of humor, history, and horror, all bound together by Gate’s infectious enthusiasm and knack for storytelling.

Later, Gates took over the helm of Discovery Channel’s Expedition Unknown, where he dove even deeper into history’s greatest legends and stories.

This was not all; Gates had his hands full, producing several paranormal television shows through his production company, Ping Pong Productions, and making guest appearances on Ghost Hunters and its spin-off, Ghost Hunters International.

Josh Gates’ Personal Life

On-screen, Josh Gates is known for his daredevil adventures and fearless exploration. Off-screen, he’s known for his humor, charisma, and down-to-earth personality. But his personal life is not as much in the public eye.

Gates prefers to keep his private life under wraps, often prioritizing the privacy of his family over the prying eyes of the media.

Is Josh Gates Married?

Yes, Josh Gates was once married. The television host tied the knot with Hallie Gnatovich on September 13, 2014, after a long-term relationship. Their love story began on the sets of Destination Truth, where they worked together from 2007 to 2012.

Hallie’s charm and warmth were irresistible, and the two soon found themselves smitten with each other. However, as life often unveils unexpected turns, their marriage came to an unfortunate end in July 2021.

Why Did Josh Gates Divorce Hallie Gnatovich?

In a surprising turn of events, Hallie announced via Instagram in August 2021 that she and Gates had ended their marriage. Unfortunately, neither Hallie nor Josh disclosed the exact reasons behind their split. Their divorce was finalized on July 13, 2021, marking the end of their nearly seven years of matrimony.

Who is Josh Gates’ Wife?

Hallie Gnatovich, the ex-wife of famed explorer and television presenter Josh Gates, is a woman of considerable talents in her own right. While she may have first entered the public eye through her relationship with Gates, her own career and achievements stand strong independently.

Gnatovich is a licensed therapist, with a specialization in providing counselling and therapeutic services to actors, writers, and young professionals. She operates her practice, Hallie G Therapy, in Los Angeles, California, where she continues to help her clients navigate through personal, professional, and mental health issues.

Hallie Gnatovich was born on January 26, 1981. She studied at Oberlin College, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Theatre. Following her passion for understanding human behavior and mental health, she later attended Alliant International University, earning her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy/Counseling.

Gnatovich’s stint in the acting industry, although brief, did leave a mark. She appeared in the hit comedy series “Archer House” in 2007, showcasing her acting prowess. However, her passion for mental health and counseling led her to switch her career. She now fully focuses on her therapeutic practice, using her expertise to help people deal with their struggles.

Before their divorce in 2021, Gnatovich and Gates were quite a team. The pair met during the shooting of “Destination Truth” where Gnatovich worked as a researcher while Gates was the show host. Their friendship soon blossomed into love, culminating in their marriage in 2014. The couple has two children – a son named Owen and a daughter named Isla.

Despite their split, Gnatovich continues to play an important role in Gates’ life, especially as the mother of his children. She maintains a strong relationship with her kids, balancing her role as a mother with her demanding professional life.

Did Josh Gates Have Kids?

Josh Gates and Hallie Gnatovich share two children together. Their first child, Owen Gates, was born on February 12, 2016. Their second child, a daughter named Isla Amelia Gates, soon followed. Both children were the apple of their parents’ eyes, and their births brought immense joy to the Gates family.


Josh Gates’ life is an open book, filled with thrilling expeditions, paranormal encounters, and personal triumphs. Yet, his marital journey with Hallie Gnatovich reveals a more intimate, emotional side of the adventurer that many don’t see. Despite the end of their marriage, both Gates and Hallie continue to excel in their respective fields, serving as a testament to their strength and resilience.

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