Julio Rodriguez equals LeBron James in a historic landmark for US sport after being selected in the 2022 All-Star Game


Despite playing in different leagues, Dominican Julio Rodriguez has managed to match a mark that only LeBron James and a few other athletes have in the history of the sport. Bolavip tells you the details.

Julio Rodriguez appears to have a bright future in MLB.
© Getty ImagesJulio Rodriguez appears to have a bright future in MLB.

Sports in the United States have great athletes who are able to do things that seem impossible in other parts of the world. Give an example of players like LeBron James also shōhei ohtani It’s just part of the different performers doing something that wasn’t done on a week to week basis.

But history is rich and Some cracks like the Los Angeles Lakers star sometimes have company in some statswho can stay in their sport, or basketball, or go to the Big Four leagues in the United States.

In this case, it is Dominican Julio Rodriguez who will be able to make history after being chosen for the first time in All star game subordinate Major League Baseball (MLB). Bolavip tells you all the details.

Julio Rodriguez makes history in MLB

One of the rising stars of the major leagues, he is currently a member of the Seattle Mariners, He made it to a very exclusive list of athletes after being selected in his first All-Star Game.

Rodriguez became Fifth player in four major American Leagues (NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL) to reach All-Star and win an Olympic medal before the age of 21. LeBron James, Anthony Davis, of the NBA, and Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toyos, of the NHL, were among the others.

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