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Supreme court Uganda Repeal the controversial law that has been in place since 2014 that bans everyone Women Using mini skirts in public is considered pornographic.

The ruling by Agence France-Presse determined that the 2014 law, titled “Anti-Skirt-Skirt Act”, “is incompatible with or inconsistent with the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda”.

“The sections of the Anti-Pornography Act have been declared null and void,” Judge Frederic Igonda Ntende said in Monday’s ruling, which also revoked the powers of the nine-member law enforcement committee.

Legislation at the time, in addition to banning the use of mini-skirts, penalized women for all activities considered pornographic, from writing lyrics to songs with sexual meaning or wearing clothing deemed too revealing or suggestive with men.

In 2014, Ugandan pop star Jemima Kansimi was arrested for starring in a music video that showed her in her underwear. He is currently on trial, and faces up to 10 years in prison, although the future of the case is unclear due to the new ruling.

All the activists in the country celebrated the abolition of the law who, for years, marched and organized street protests so that justice would understand the delay caused by their society in implementing this law and the rights that were taken from them over their bodies. for them.

“This has been a fierce battle and we are grateful that those who believe in women’s rights have won,” Lilian Drapeau, one of the nine petitioners who challenged the law, told AFP.

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