Kamala Harris will hold talks on immigration and the economy during a visit to Guatemala and Mexico


The first flight of the Vice President of the United States, Kamala HarrisHis advisers said he would seek to limit migration from the region to Guatemala and Mexico and would focus on areas such as economic development, climate, food security and women’s issues.

His top adviser said Harris will arrive in Guatemala on Sunday and will be in the country until Monday noon. Simon Sanders Reporters during a phone call. Sanders added that she will then travel to Mexico on June 8, where she will spend the day before returning to Washington in the afternoon.

Her advisors said the vice president would discuss topics previously discussed with leaders in Guatemala and Mexico, such as securing borders and leading trade missions in the region.

There are “three main focus points that we will identify: economic development, climate and food insecurity, and women and youth,” Sanders said.

Harris has yet to speak with the leaders of El Salvador and Honduras, two other countries in the region with significant immigration to the United States.

In May, some Central American leaders rejected the anti-corruption strategy of the government of the President of the United States, Joe BidenWhich included the publication of a list classifying 17 politicians in the region as corrupt.

Biden has faced pressure from Republicans and some Democrats in recent months as the number of immigrants arriving at the US-Mexico border has risen to a two-decade high.

In March, Biden tasked Harris with leading Washington’s efforts with Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries — Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador — aimed at improving living conditions and reducing immigration from the region.

Since then, Harris has spoken with policy experts, members of Congress, and various stakeholders in the Northern Triangle countries.

It also announced an additional $310 million in Washington assistance for Central America and recently secured investment commitments from 12 companies and groups, including Microsoft, Mastercard and Nespresso’s Nespresso.

The United States will send more border security officials to Guatemala to provide training in that country.

Mazen al-Faqih, the vice president’s special adviser on immigration, said Washington is also working to open the first of several immigrant resource centers in Guatemala. Northern Triangle.

The centers will provide services to individuals seeking legal immigration pathways to the United States, as well as to those in need of protection, asylum referrals, and refugee resettlement.

Harris will also discuss “Covid-19 cooperation” With both countries during his trip, said Sanders, who did not disclose details about whether that would include the delivery of vaccines.

On Tuesday, the US officially ended the US government’s “stay in Mexico” policy. Donald TrumpThis has forced tens of thousands of Central American asylum seekers to wait in Mexico until their cases are scheduled in US courts.

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