Kuro No Shoukanshi Chapter 118: Spoilers, Raw Scan, Release Date


The manga series, Kuro No Shoukanshi, is nothing less than a tour de force in the world of fantasy storytelling. Its compelling narrative arc, the depth of its characters, and the stunning artwork that breathes life into each panel have earned it a spot on the must-read lists of manga enthusiasts across the globe. Each chapter of Kuro No Shoukanshi unfolds like a well-crafted symphony, balancing suspense, emotion, and drama in a way that leaves readers at the edge of their seats, hungry for the next release.

Quick Facts

  • No Of Chapter: 118
  • Release Date: July 1, 2023
  • Language: Japanese
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Where to Read: Comic Gardo

Popularity of the Show:

Kuro No Shoukanshi is not merely a series; it’s a phenomenon that has taken the manga world by storm. The popularity of the series lies in its unique ability to strike a chord with its readers on multiple levels. Its complex, relatable characters, the intricacies of the plotline, and the fantastical elements that are so masterfully woven into the fabric of the story have resonated deeply with manga enthusiasts.

The fanbase isn’t restricted to a specific age group or demographic; it’s a series that has proven to be universally appealing. This popularity is reflected in the widespread anticipation for each new chapter and the active discussions and theories that buzz within the manga community.

Release Date of Kuro No Shoukanshi Chapter 118


[DISC] Kuro no Shoukanshi – Chapter 118
by u/rtwpsom2 in manga

Mark your calendars, because Kuro No Shoukanshi Chapter 118 is slated for release on July 1, 2023. The date is a beacon of joy for manga enthusiasts, who have been eagerly waiting to dive back into the enchanting world of the summoner Hiro and his companions.

The commitment to precision in scheduling and timely releases by the creators has played a significant role in keeping the fanbase engaged and excited.

Cast of Kuro No Shoukanshi Chapter 118

Kuro No Shoukanshi showcases an impressive array of characters that bring a multi-faceted depth to the story. The protagonist, Hiro, is a character of immense charm and complexity.

As a summoner, his journey is fraught with challenges and surprises that test his resolve and reveal the depths of his character. His companions, each with their unique quirks and backgrounds, add richness to the narrative, making each chapter a delightful exploration of character development and interactions.

 Kuro No Shoukanshi Chapter 118 Spoiler

The upcoming Chapter 118 is set to continue the legacy of its predecessors by delivering an engaging storyline that promises more plot twists and character developments. Expect to see Hiro continue on his path to becoming the ultimate summoner, facing challenges that test his resolve and character.

We can also expect more insights into the enigmatic characters introduced in the earlier chapters, further deepening the narrative complexity. As always, the artwork is expected to be visually stunning, capturing the high-octane action and emotional depth of the story.

Kuro No Shoukanshi Chapter 117 Recap

In Kuro No Shoukanshi Chapter 117, readers are treated to an exhilarating sequence of events that set the stage for the upcoming chapter.

The chapter begins with our protagonist, Hiro, who now goes by the name of Lucius, in an unusual predicament. After he and his party defeated the demon lord in the previous chapters, they thought they’d have some respite. However, the adventure in this mysterious world is far from over.

A new character, Cassandra, enters the narrative. This development adds an interesting dimension to the story, making the audience speculate about her true capabilities and intentions. She’s intriguing, with a lot more to her than meets the eye. It’s unclear whether she’ll be an ally or a threat to Lucius, adding an exciting layer of suspense to the narrative.


The chapter takes an action-packed turn when Lucius finds himself in a potentially dangerous situation. He’s required to use all his experience, wit, and summoned creatures to fend off an unexpected enemy. This confrontation shows not only his strategic mind but also his growth as a hero, further solidifying his place as a fascinating protagonist.

Another key highlight of this chapter is the character development of Lucius’s companions. The narrative gives the audience a glimpse of their past, their motivations, and their unwavering loyalty to Lucius. These moments of reflection and growth add a layer of depth to these characters, making readers even more invested in their journey.

Moreover, the illustrations in this chapter are stunning. They wonderfully portray the world that the author has created and breathe life into the action-packed scenes. The use of shadows and light in the panels adds an air of suspense and drama, making the action scenes even more impactful.

The combination of expert storytelling and beautiful artwork in Chapter 117 makes for an immersive reading experience. Readers are left on a cliffhanger, anticipating what challenges Lucius and his party will face next.

As the story unfolds, the stakes get higher, the battles get tougher, and the characters grow stronger. This leaves readers eager for the next chapter, as they await the continuation of this epic adventure in Kuro No Shoukanshi Chapter 118.

Raw Scan Release for Kuro No Shoukanshi Chapter 118

For the ardent fans who cannot wait for the official release of Chapter 118, the raw scans offer a much-needed lifeline. These unpolished and untranslated versions provide an initial look into the next installment of Hiro’s adventures.

They are typically released a few days before the official release date, allowing the dedicated fandom to satiate their curiosity and build theories around the storyline. However, it’s important to note that supporting the official release is vital for the continued creation and sustainability of our beloved manga series.

Ratings of the Show:

The positive reception of Kuro No Shoukanshi is reflected in its impressive ratings. The series enjoys high ratings across various manga review platforms, testament to its quality storytelling, character development, and world-building. The consistent quality across its chapters and the balance it maintains between its various narrative elements have earned it high praise from critics and fans alike.

Review of the Show:

The Kuro No Shoukanshi manga series has consistently garnered positive reviews from both critics and fans. The narrative structure, which brilliantly balances action, suspense, and character growth, is widely lauded. It also doesn’t shy away from exploring deeper themes, adding a layer of philosophical intrigue to the storyline.

Hiro’s character development is also commendable. His evolution from a boy lost in a new world to a determined hero committed to using his newfound abilities is executed with finesse.

The secondary characters are well fleshed out, and their interactions add depth to the story. The artwork, too, deserves a special mention. Each panel’s attention to detail contributes to the overall narrative, creating an immersive and dynamic manga universe. All in all, Kuro No Shoukanshi stands as a fine example of engaging, thoughtful, and beautifully illustrated manga.

Where to Read:

Kuro No Shoukanshi can be read from several platforms. Raw versions are often released on Comic Gardo, but it’s important to support the creators by accessing the manga from approved platforms once the official translation is available.

J-Novel Club has the official translation rights, and they do a fantastic job of bringing Hiro’s adventures to English-speaking audiences. For physical copies, check out Book Walker. These platforms ensure that the creators are adequately compensated for their hard work.


With its engaging storyline, compelling characters, and captivating artwork, Kuro No Shoukanshi has carved out a niche for itself in the realm of manga. The anticipation surrounding the release of Chapter 118 further cements its popularity among fans.

The continued success of this series, however, hinges on the support of its readership. Therefore, while the raw scans offer a tempting glimpse into the upcoming chapter, supporting the official release ensures the manga’s creators can continue delivering the content we all love.

Looking forward to Kuro No Shoukanshi Chapter 118, we can expect another thrilling installment full of suspense, action, and character development. While Hiro’s journey is far from over, each chapter is a testament to the growth he has undergone and the challenges he continues to face. It’s a fascinating journey that has captivated readers around the world, and will undoubtedly continue to do so. Here’s to many more chapters of Kuro No Shoukanshi, a truly fantastic manga series.

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