LA Galaxy and Love clash again in elimination duel without VAR

LA Galaxy and Love clash again in elimination duel without VAR

The last time LAFC and Galaxy saw each other was crazy.

LAFC tied in the final seconds of the match, but the VAR correctly ruled out Latiff Blessing’s goal after an offside. That goal would have given him a tie in a game the Galaxy won 2-1 at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson in a Major League Soccer game on April 9.

The faces will appear this Wednesday again, but in a direct elimination duel, the second in the two teams’ struggle in their entire history, as part of the round of 16 of the US Open, a tournament held in 1913. It is the oldest football competition in the USA. The meeting will take place at 7:30 p.m. (ESPN+). By organizing the Open Cup, VAR will not be used in any of the matches.

“I haven’t decided yet if I like or hate VAR. Depends on the day. But you have to win this game, the umpires will call the game and we have to play to win the match. We have to play to win the match,” Fani said of the absence of VAR in this important match, “I’m fine, it’s the old way of doing it, that’s the way things used to be.”

In this edition of the Open Cup, LAFC sent Orange County SC 5-1 and previously also beat Portland Timbers 2-0. Galaxy struggled to eliminate the California United Strikers in the previous round, winning 3-2 on the road.

But the galaxy has suffered from a lot of inconsistency. The Hungarian team lost at home last Sunday 3-0 to the Houston Dynamo in a league match, in a match in which Fani criticized his team for their lack of “kill instinct”. In that duel, he rested Fanny Douglas Costa, Javier Hernandez and Julian Araujo, three players who will be watching a game against LAFC. Costa and Hernandez played in the second half against Dinamo but in a lost case as they entered when the match was 2-0.

“I want to beat LAFC so bad,” said Raheem Edwards, a former LAFC player who now wears the Galaxy colors.

“I want to upset 3552 (3252),” Edwards added of the official LAFC cheer.

This will be the second direct elimination game between LAFC and Galaxy. LAFC under Carlos Vela eliminated Galaxy Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the only game between the two teams in the MLS qualifiers in 2019.

“There is always emotion in derbies, in league games, but when you play derby early in the season there are still a lot of points left to play, it’s not final. When you play the knockout game, that’s for sure. Whoever loses comes home and leaves. Without the championship or championship, while the other team goes on,” Fanny said. “Lately what’s been driving the clubs is the trophies and we want more trophies in our showcases.”

Fanny noted that when there are competitions, especially against LAFC, he feels his players pay more attention to detail, something the Galaxy coach has criticized a lot in his recent meetings.

“A lot of these players are friends with the other team players. You never want to lose against someone who is your friend because there are things inside. There are a lot of things that happen consciously and subconsciously, things that are a little more important in these games,” said Fanny. These matches were crazy and adventurous, good for the fans, but not good for the coaches.”

Galaxy owned two US Open Cups, in 2001 and 2005.

In his record of official matches against LAFC, Galaxy had six wins, three losses and five draws. Galaxy has never lost to Carson against LAFC with a record five wins and two draws in seven games. The Galaxy has also not lost in its last four games against LAFC, since May 8, 2021.

“This is a competition match, it means a lot to the fans,” Edwards said. “I remember when I was at LAFC I was afraid to come here (Carson).”

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