Liquid brings additional capacity to submarine cables in Kenya in partnership with PEACE Cable

Liquid brings additional capacity to submarine cables in Kenya in partnership with PEACE Cable

Nairobi, Kenya, 11 May 2022 / Liquid Intelligent Technologies, a subsidiary of Cassava Technologies, has partnered with PEACE Cable to deliver an additional 800 Gbps subsea capacity in Mombasa on the highly anticipated global submarine cable. This will increase the availability of reliable, high-performance Internet access across Africa, leveraging 100,000 km of liquid terrestrial fibers in 12 countries. Acting as a new global Internet route between Asia, Europe and the United States, the additional capacity will help increase the penetration of faster, more affordable and more accessible cloud and cybersecurity services for cybersecurity services for African individuals and businesses.

“We are pleased to offer new subsea capacity between Mombasa, Karachi and Marseille, with planned expansions to Singapore and Asia,” said David Oren, CEO of Liquid Dataport (a division of Liquid Intelligent Technologies). This creates a diverse, profitable network and latency path. Our customers can take advantage of it for their business vital connectivity needs. The submarine cable will be ready in 2022.”

Liquid already has access to several subsea cables in Africa including Equiano, WACS, SAT3/SAFE, EASSy, TEAMS, SEACOM and 2Africa. With the new Peace Cable, the continent will benefit from much-needed additional capacity from the east coast of Africa to Europe. In addition, it will add diversity to an important path, allowing for improved repeatability and low latency (102ms between Mombasa and Marseille).

“We are seeing 40-50% growth in internet traffic every year, so we are investing heavily in submarine cables to provide the best internet experience in all countries in Africa,” explained Eurin. “We have worked closely with Salam to expand subsea capacity to more landlocked countries (including Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Burundi and northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo). This is critical for our customers to take advantage of the increased bandwidth, and is expected to make Internet is faster and more expensive in the area.”

The 100,000 km fluid geological fiber backbone has been a major point of interest in Partnership with Peace. Through its extensive network, Liquid will expand this new capacity to many destinations, including access to other submarine cable landing stations, such as Luanda in Angola, Mwanda in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Pointe Noire in the Congo. This led to the creation of the first secure, reliable, high-capacity road between the two coasts of the continent, allowing a new global Internet route between Asia and the United States (through Africa).

Connecting Africa with the rest of the world and unleashing the potential of a young and dynamic workforce may be the key to driving international trade and Africa’s economies to a whole new level. “The peace agreement is another important step on this path,” Yoren concluded.

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