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The data scientist longs for the future, even though he necessarily turns to the past. Other times, many of the things that happened have become pure oral legends. Today, we are making new pasts with more footprints available to all. Thus, the new myths are quite different and are told in many ways; One of them, Scientific, which is the most elegant and accurate. The one that a passionate data science engineer will acquire throughout his life.

When a data science engineer investigates what happened, he has a large audience that wants to hear it. To convey an idea, your engineering tools will not suffice; Deep down, we are all, no matter our profession, always telling a story. Therefore, it is very useful for this professional to learn from others who have found the trick of good stories and their visual references.

When a data science engineer has a copy, a full story of what happened, he cares about the future. This is, for example, a second risky and difficult task. The life we ​​perceive goes through three times and uncertainty. Oftentimes, a glimpse, inferring a higher probability in a scenario is all that is achieved and praised, even after a lot of work.

The ability to reduce space for future uncertainty is highly valued in the marketplace and academia. It aims at knowledge that helps make more difficult decisions in a variety of contexts. There is no practical, cutting-edge, future-oriented political science without data science engineering. Nor is it economics, social psychology, or business science. In other areas, there is no longer social communication, without the support of predictive data analysis: now the cloud knows our preferences and desires; With this criterion he formulates the offer. This is just to name a few examples

How does a data scientist know and research?

In the history of knowledge, which is the history of man, there is still doubt about its true nature and about the method of knowledge and perception. Reality hides in a fog that prevents us from representing it purely and without prejudice.

At other times, uncertainty, immeasurable reality, varied and intertwined, was uncomfortable for the Academy, for its Cartesian analytic structure. These circumstances are surprising at the moment. Among them come the best names, and the highest definitions: complexity, systems, universality, creativity, entropy. The latter includes some contemporary engineering approaches to data science. It is about crossing and bridge between classical statistics and computational algorithms and bypassing the discipline.

Early statisticians had small samples and databases with qualitative and quantitative variables. Today, the data science engineer has other resources to explore thanks to the number of tools that can be used. In his work he can study large amounts of data, structures of social and economic relations (graphs), images, sound recordings and texts. As the possibilities of knowledge expand, the ideas derived from it grow more complex in terms of descriptions of the past. His vision is dominated by the uncertainty of the future a little more.

What will a data science engineer work on?

All academic research and all future-oriented work is based on data science engineering. Thus, for example, storing and keeping information safe over time is already a great task that many professionals will handle. Others will be devoted to guiding decision-making in uncertainty-reducing scenarios. Others will direct their efforts to explain what happened, particularly in the academic context and public policy assessment. In the end, they will be good communicators, accurate and technical, and still have the ability to reach a wide audience.

Some recommendations for your engineering training process

As you pass through the first semesters of foundation, rejoice in the elegance of mathematical formalities. It includes the city in a circle, and then in a line, line, plane, hexahedron.

Later, when you think about how much you have left, wrap the city up with a more complex idea. Describe human relations in a diagram, financial series in fractal geometry. Think of reality as an unfathomable space full of opportunities to capture larger bits of information.

Rely on computing power to overcome the limitations of human thinking. Use algorithms to plot the past and determine the future. Fight uncertainty and then enjoy its greatness.

Learn from communicators, graphic designers and storytellers. In COP, the College of Engineering includes the College of Design. Learn from their ideas and especially from their methods.

Don’t look at any knowledge lightly. A creative person has the virtues of solving complex problems, creating new businesses, and helping others. Be creative, broaden your vision by learning about what you know and also what you don’t.

Make sure you train yourself as a good programmer. Some software tools simplify life and certain functions, but limit the possibility of devising new methods or modifications of existing ones. Learning programming will be a way to have fun and progress. It will be your new language, your new form of communication. It’s like re-learning to read and write.

If you are interested in a specific area of ​​knowledge, you can still consider the possibility of a data science engineering training. In this career, you will be able to delve into quantitative methods that are of great importance in other disciplines. If you take this into account, you can then give context to your learning in topics such as finance, logistics, business intelligence, demographics, psychometrics, and artificial intelligence.

If possible, associate yourself with a research space such as a nursery or group. There you will notice that teachers are inspired by exploring new methods and applications in diverse contexts. You will also be inspired and show your own ideas, projects or projects.

Find a position, a system of independent learning. In fact, no relevant content in this profession is learned solely through observation. Data science engineers collect “flying hours” in their practice.

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