Is Lucy Chen On The Rookie Pregnant In Real Life?


The Rookie has emerged as a popular television series with its intricate plots and well-rounded characters. The show’s ability to skillfully interweave drama, action, and personal narratives has struck a chord with audiences worldwide.

Amidst the bustling cityscape of Los Angeles, the story revolves around Officer John Nolan, a 40-year-old man who pursues his dream of becoming a police officer, embarking on a journey that’s riddled with challenges and surprises.

A critical character in the series, Lucy Chen, has recently been the focus of several rumors and speculations. This article aims to shed light on Lucy, the rumors surrounding her, and her intriguing life.

Who is Lucy?

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Lucy Chen, portrayed by Melissa O’Neil, is a central character in The Rookie. A driven and ambitious young officer, she represents a modern woman determined to make a difference in her community. Her journey in the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is not just about enforcing the law; it’s about her personal growth and evolving relationships.

Is Lucy on The Rookie Pregnant in Real Life?

Season 4 of The Rookie saw Lucy facing a considerable amount of upheaval and turmoil. As she recuperates from past trauma, rumors have been rife about a possible pregnancy. However, there is no concrete evidence or dialogue within the show to suggest that Lucy is expecting.

While her character continues to navigate the fallout from her kidnapping, the conjecture of her pregnancy appears to be purely speculative.

However, it is worth mentioning that another character, Nyla Harper, portrayed by Mekia Cox, is indeed pregnant. The storyline incorporates her real-life pregnancy, heralding the arrival of a new family member for Nyla and Lila.

Did Lucy reveal her pregnancy?

The current storyline and the latest episodes, Lucy has not revealed any pregnancy, either on the show or in real life. There has been no official confirmation from the actress or the show’s creators to validate the speculations.

Rumours About Her Pregnancy

Despite the lack of substantiation from the show or its actors, rumors about Lucy’s (Melissa O’Neil) real-life pregnancy have been swirling. These rumors seem to stem from a spoof site named Media Mass.

Using humor and exaggeration to critique contemporary mass production and mass consumption, Media Mass often appears credible due to its citations from anonymous sources.

The site has suggested that Canadian tabloids hinted at O’Neil’s pregnancy due to what they perceived as a baby bump. However, these claims lack veracity as the website openly declares all its content to be fabricated. Melissa O’Neil is known for her discretion regarding her personal life, leaving the rumor about her pregnancy unsubstantiated.

Who is Lucy’s husband?

In the show, Lucy Chen isn’t married. However, she has been involved in a romantic storyline with fellow officer Tim Bradford, played by Eric Winter. The growing chemistry between them has been a notable subplot in the series.

In real life, Melissa O’Neil maintains a private personal life. There is no public record of her being married or any information about a significant other.

Lucy Early Life & Career

Lucy Chen, a rookie police officer at the LAPD, exhibits resilience, intelligence, and determination. Though she hails from a family that disapproves of her career choice, she chooses to follow her passion and commitment to the law.

Melissa O’Neil, who brings Lucy Chen to life, has an impressive artistic background. Before The Rookie, she made her mark in the entertainment world as the first woman and the youngest contestant to win Canadian Idol. She’s also known for her role as Two/Rebecca in the science fiction series Dark Matter, and her guest role in the popular TV show iZombie.


The Rookie continues to keep viewers on their toes with engaging storylines and evolving character arcs. While rumors surrounding Lucy’s potential pregnancy have piqued the audience’s curiosity, it’s essential to remember that they remain unconfirmed.

Both Lucy Chen and the actress who portrays her, Melissa O’Neil, are compelling figures in their own right. As the series unfolds, fans will undoubtedly be eager to see how their stories develop and whether the rumors hold any truth. For now, The Rookie promises more exciting, action-filled episodes in the future, keeping its viewers hooked to their screens.

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