Luis Grijalva broke the record in Central America and is the first Guatemalan to make his professional debut

Luis Grijalva broke the record in Central America and is the first Guatemalan to make his professional debut

What good news! We are so happy every time Louis Grijalva He achieves more as he recently participated in Diamond League Athletics 2021, where He broke the record for Central America and became The first Guatemalan to debut professionally. Nice!

Below are the details of his participation as the first national athlete to run as a professional in an international event.

A Guatemalan athlete set a Central American record in Diamond League 2021

Since his participation in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Guatemalan Luis Grijalva has continued his career in athletics, participating in various sporting events. That’s why Sunday, August 22nd was one of the contenders for the 2021 Eugene Diamond League, in United State.

The Guatemalan made his debut in the men’s two-mile race, where he was with 15 other athletes from different countries, and was the only athlete The exponent in latin america in the middle of the action.

Photo description for people with visual impairments: Luis Grijalva during his participation in Tokyo 2020. (Credit: COGuatemalteco)

Luis Grijalva results in the Diamond League Eugene 2021 in the United States

Looking at this, Grijalva was placed among the twelfth place where he also surpassed his stature personal brand (PB), which was 8:46.68 minutes (from 2017) and is now 8:21.98. This is good!

During the sporting event, many athletes from countries such as Uganda, Ethiopia, the United States, Great Britain and Kenya participated, and Luis Grijalva was the only one from Guatemala, Central and Latin America who took part in the race. Without a doubt, we are very proud of Louis!

Image description for the blind: Luis Grijalva running alongside international athletes. (credit: COGuatemalteco)

About Eugene Diamond League

Also known as the Diamond League – for its Spanish meaning – it is an athletics event that has been held every year since 2010 when it began. Likewise, it is a race organized by world athletics and consists of the 15 most important athletics meetings in different parts of the world.

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