Luis Vizcaino is associated with the operation

Luis Vizcaino Carmonaformer legal and governmental director of the mayor’s office Someone named Benito Juarezan alleged operation illicit enrichment While serving as a public official, between 2012 and 2016.

To continue investigations – until the defense and Capital Prosecutor’s Office Gather all the evidence and then decide whether the former local official will face trial – Judge Jupiter López Ruiz has given three months to conduct a supplemental investigation. During this period, Vizcaíno must remain in justified remand.

At the end of the hearing, the defense of the former public official accused the prosecution of giving false information to the public, by asserting that Vizcaino headed the so-called “real estate cartel” Benito Juárez. According to the defense, there is no indication in the investigation file that he exerted pressure on developers, so that he could obtain real estate in exchange for building permits.

These are completely false statements. Prosecutor and spokesperson, Ulysses Lara, provide information that differs from that related to the investigation file. Attorney Irving Regino claimed that there was misinformation on the part of the prosecution and it is unfortunate that they are doing this to the public.

“They are deceiving citizens with the information they provided, because at no time in the investigation file is there any warning of coercion by my representatives towards businessmen,” he added.

He continued that the accusation against the former official relates to illicit enrichment to divert economic resources into bank accounts of companies owned by Vizcaíno, according to the prosecution, as well as the acquisition of two properties. However, the defender said there are no elements to legitimize the prosecution’s accusation, since the companies for which he allegedly received more than 65 million pesos are not his.

“What was discussed here today, at the initial hearing, was only in connection with the property of two and in connection with the increase in assets that they had in exchange for cash entered into some ethical company that is not, not even, directly from my client. The lawyer added that my client does not own these companies” .

political animal It reported that between 2012 and 2016, while working as a legal and government director in Benito Juárez, Vizcaíno obtained illegal income – through front companies – for 65 million 734 thousand 992 pesos, according to the prosecution’s accusation.

These resources would have been obtained through Residencial Cami, SA de CV, and Residencial Mariposa, SA de CV, companies with various offenses such as not being in the registered tax domicile or not registering the employer with IMSS.

“It is important to point out categorically that this investigation is entirely political. There was a very clear line that there was a shortcoming in the investigation by the Office of the Prosecutor,” attorney Adrian Regino added.

He claimed that “he does not own the companies, he does not participate in the companies, however, the judge said that the matter should be investigated, that is, we are in a process where it is first stopped and then investigated.” .

Regarding the possession of two properties that the prosecution indicated that the amounts purchased by Vizcaíno for them do not correspond to their commercial value, the lawyers commented that the judge indicated at the hearing that they were justified within the framework of legality.

The metropolitan authorities denied the existence of organized crime cartels, but in political terms they refer to this famous phrase of real estate cartels. He added the defense, who will ask to change the precautionary measure so that the former official can continue his operation freely.

During the hearing, CDMX’s PAN leadership held a press conference in which they insisted that the investigation against Vizcaíno is part of ‘Political persecution’ Promoted by Morena against an opposition party.

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