Madonna fan who collects exclusive memorabilia

Madonna fan who collects exclusive memorabilia

When you think of the artists who tagged Date affiliate Music popthe name of the Madonna It is usually one of the first things that come to mind.

Since his first release album Its namesake in 1983, not only has it become one of the most lauded characters in showbut also, positioning himself as an icon cultural And the violation through videos such as “Like praying“, Which It stirred controversy when it was put on the air in 1989..

This has resulted in millions of followers around Globalism track their trajectory, which remained unchanged even Madame X (2019). One of them is the Argentine Diego Barella, who collects a Collection which collects more than 1400 tabletswhere A box sets which was only released in Japan which includes 40 singles published by the singer up to 1997.

in conversation with TN showThe admirer stressed that although he does not believe in mystical powers, he considers them to have a “different spark”.

“Her music is effective because it is so universal, it manages to spread ideas that are not very accessible to the public (…) I’m not saying there have been no other examples before, but I do say that Madonna is adept at it. She is plural meaning pop of the word,” he declared.

Diego Barrilla presents his collection. Photo: TN Show.

The Barilla group, according to him, can be classified as a kind of “Private museum“.

Although her Divas album catalog is quite extensive, she also keeps things she has used directly, such as a pack of Sugar which he wore while filming the movie to avoid (1996), where she played the Argentine Eva Peron.

Although the scenes where the packaging is ejected were cut from the latest version of headband; —though it can be seen in the recordings behind it cameras-, the fanatic declares his pleasure at having an item that was in her hands, as well as a part of a dress used by the singer.

Madonna is not just Women who makes music or videoscreate reality Technicalhe is performance complete. when you see OffersDo you understand that at the time he wrote each song he was thinking about everything, from how to present it on stage to the concept of the whole album,” he told the aforementioned medium, later adding that though he listenedlike a VirginFor the first time at the age of six, he was at the age of twelve when his passion broke out, in his words, this is ‘the age when the soul begins to become coherent’.

Diego Barrilla showing a piece of Madonna’s dress. Photo: TN Show.

Today he has several collectors’ items, he’s seen them live nine times, and even traveled to Miami, United Stateto see one of his free PartiesAfter winning b Competition About the details of your career.

But is it possible to show more sincerity? Apparently yes, because he also created with his friend, Agustín Aguirre, the first Podcast In Spanish about the author hard candy (2008).

This program is called Holy Madonnahas more than 50 chapters, in which they participate Information Hard to find Internet And they talk about it with different guests.

According to Parrilla, if I were in front of her, I’d thank her for “helping so many people be who we are.”

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