Mango, 2021 Target: Grow to 1,191 million online and 45% digital business


Mangoes are being raised online to counter recovery. Fashion Distribution Group, a leader in online sales in the sector in Spain, predicts that this year’s e-commerce push will cross the one billion euros in sales ($ 1,191 million) and close to parity with physical stores, with 45 percent of total Business.

The goal is roughly to keep growing online for 2020, A year in which e-commerce was the champ in the sector due to lockdowns and restrictions on physical trade to contain the advance of the epidemic.

In the last exercise, Mango’s e-commerce generated € 766 million in sales ($ 912 million), which was 36% more. Compared to the previous year and 42% of the group’s total business, compared to 39% in 2019. Markets such as France, Italy or Portugal led the growth, with online sales doubling for 2019.

Overall, the share was slightly lower than what the company had expected at the end of last year They were on their way to the end of 2020 with online sales of 800 million euros, 40% more than in 2019.

By 2021, Mango expects 30.5% channel growth, Although the comparative base is already the highest in history and expects a 45% share of sales, three points more than in 2020, despite the recovery of the physical channel.

The company argues that the online channel is profitableThis is partly because it is focusing its efforts on its own platform by a greater margin and partly because of the comprehensive channel that enables lower logistical costs online. In 2020, 30% of deliveries and returns have already been made online at the store.

To support this digital growth, Mango invested € 27 million in digitization-related projects last year, increasing technology, data, internet and customer elements.

The goal, Mango explains, is “to digitize the entire value chain And progress in directing the entire organization toward using data and making decisions in real time. ”To do this, the company is building new platforms and capabilities based on technology, data, AI robots, and algorithms.

In this sense, the company continued to promote its loyalty club, Mango loves you, Which launched in 2019 and already has 5.5 million active customers. In 2020, the company moved the program to Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom and this year plans to implement it in twice as many regions, which account for 70% of the company’s turnover.

Additionally, the company launched last March A digital community to capture information from your customers Through various joint surveys and construction projects that have active members in more than sixty countries. Finally, Mango has continued to promote its multi-channel strategy by offering the service Click and collect From eight to seventeen countries.

In anticipation of this year, The group is preparing for new initiatives this year in terms of digitizationOn, such as over-personalizing the browsing and shopping experience on all devices, the use of new AI-based technologies to improve after-sales service and the inclusion of franchises in omnichannel initiatives.

Additionally, the company wants to convert its e-commerce platform into a file the shop, Stock merging of the three brands. The project has already started with an alliance with Intimissimi.

Mango closed 2020 with revenues of 1,842 million euros ($ 2,194 million), 22% lower than the previous year. A year ago, the company recorded the highest number in its history, having grown 6.3%, to 2,374 million euros. The overall result was negative in the amount of one hundred million euros.

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