Margrethe II, Queen of Denmark, refuses to greet Angela Merkel

Margarita The second, the Queen of Denmark, did not greet with grip Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany; He chose to put his hand on his chest. Photo: Reuters.

Margarita The second, the Queen of Denmark, refused to greet with grip Angela MerkelAnd Federal Chancellor of GermanyHe chose to place his hand on his chest during an official visit by the Danish monarch in Berlin; The video spread on social media.

Angela Merkel It was received Margarita the second on Wednesday 10 November; The Queen of Denmark, who was not presented to her gripCrown Prince Frederick will be at the European power for four days for a business promotion campaign and visits to cultural institutions.

without grip for Angela Merkel

  • Internet users considered an act Margarita II
  • Angela MerkelWho is about to leave his post, agreed to put his hand on his chest

Dozens of fans greeted the kings who waved flags and applauded at Pariser Platz ( Brandenburg Gate) with Berlin Mayor Michael Mueller. Margarita President Frank-Walter Steinmeier II received Frederick with military honors.

In 2020, Denmark and Germany celebrate “The year of cultural friendship‘, although not saluting gripAgreements in the fields of creative education, arts and culture are expected to be reached during the state visit.

Margarita from Denmark

In September, the Danish government decreed that the epidemic Coronavirus (COVID-19) Said goodbye to use Mask and other measures; Meanwhile, Germany recorded in November Daily casualty record Since the start of the crisis: 33,949 cases within 24 hours.

Margarita I refused to greet with grip Angela Merkel, when the World Health Organization said that Europe Once again, the epicenter of the epidemic. Photo: Reuters.

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