Medical students marginalized in their training: Ultraviolet Medicine – local news, police, around Mexico and the world | Jalapa Diary

Medical students marginalized in their training: Ultraviolet Medicine – local news, police, around Mexico and the world |  Jalapa Diary

The Medical training is marginalized A major goal of the Veracruz health system Arturo Aguilar YE, Manager University of Veracruzana School of Medicine Minatitlan Campus.

Within the framework of the virtual round tableMedical education and human rights in Veracruz medical unitsThe university professor explained that medical education programs are in a transitional phase The structures that compose it are incompatible with or appropriate to the new philosophy of teaching medicine.

He pointed out during his speech that in the aforementioned “rigid” models for university training, the responsibility of universities ended with medical students in the classroom, and after graduation, the trainee began to form a relationship with the health institution in the body that provided its service. However, he confirmed that This vision has changed and he is now integrated into educational institutions and he is forced to assume his responsibility In training courses that include social service and boarding school.

“I think we are the product of an armed, patched and patched health system that has flaws in the system’s design and I think medical training is marginalized from the main goals of the systems, in this case, the Veracruz Health System.“, He said.

Despite these shortcomings, Aguilar Ye announced that graduates of medical professions in Veracruz have performed better From almost all states in the southeast of the country except for Yucatan. “I think we are heading in the right direction. It is not perfect, but taking these steps would be much better.”

For his part Samuel Oriko TorresHead of the Department of Vocational and Technical Education b Veracruz Health Secretariat, I realized that Neither in the infrastructure nor in the personnel is a matter of training new doctors that is fully fulfilled Who come to medical institutions to complete their learning process.

The specialist announced during an intervention that in order to adhere to educational training for students and graduates of medical professions, The public system appoints a permanent professor in the boarding school who will be the person who coordinates the teachers of the different units that make up the boarding school. But he said that the teaching staff is made up of honorary professionals and that hospital conditions do not make them take some time away from them to do the work.

Additionally, he explained that the training of new doctors is done by the people “In good faith“It is commendable to be teachers but, in general, they do not have teacher training.”They have been trained as doctors, not as teachers, that is, they do not have the cognitive side, the psychomotor side, or the required behavioral side (…) and they teach the way they are taught“, He said.

Finally, Orico Torres requested further cooperation with educational institutions that study medicine, about which he said today “Does not happen“.

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