Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 137: Review, Spoiler, Where to Read


In the immersive world of manhwa (Korean comics), a title that has gained significant momentum in recent years is the military-themed series, Mercenary Enrollment. Known for its vivid exploration of loyalty, dedication, and the nuances of personal relationships, the manhwa offers a unique blend of thrilling action and deep-seated emotion.

As we prepare for the arrival of Chapter 137, let’s delve deeper into this captivating series, its intriguing storyline, and the fascinating characters who breathe life into it.

Mercenary Enrollment: A Brief Overview

  • No of Chapters- 135
  • Chapter 136 release – May 20, 2023
  • Genre – Reality
  • Language – English
  • Where to Read – Manga Read

Since its debut on November 6, 2020, Mercenary Enrollment has gripped readers worldwide with its raw depiction of survival and resilience. The manhwa follows the life of Yu Ijin, a young man forced to become a child soldier following a tragic plane crash that took his parents’ lives. Returning to Korea after years of living in the harsh realities of war, Ijin finds himself in a drastically different battlefield – high school.

The manhwa meticulously juxtaposes the contrasting worlds Ijin inhabits, revealing how he navigates the peaceful hallways of a school, armed with a wealth of experience from his traumatic past. It’s the convergence of these worlds that gives Mercenary Enrollment its unique charm.

The Journey Until Chapter 136: A Recap

Yu Ijin’s journey from Chapter 1 to Chapter 136 is a testament to his resilience and adaptability. Despite the harsh realities he faced as a child soldier, Ijin returns to Korea, eager to reclaim a sense of normalcy and find solace in the comforting embrace of family.

In Chapter 136, Ijin’s evolution from a child soldier to a high school student is striking. He realizes the need for a different set of survival skills in this new environment. The chapter ends with a cliffhanger, leaving readers eager for the next installment.

Chapter 137: A Sneak Peek into the Spoilers

Chapter 137 takes readers further into Ijin’s transformation. His relationships with the characters around him become more complex, particularly his romantic interest and his familial ties. He is on a mission, adhering to his code of honor, even as he navigates the tricky world of high school.

In this chapter, Ijin’s life takes another unexpected turn as he comes face to face with a formidable enemy. The ensuing struggle promises an adrenaline rush, pushing the boundaries of what readers have come to expect from Mercenary Enrollment.

Where to Read Chapter 137?

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 137 is available to read on MangaRead. With its easy-to-navigate interface, readers can conveniently delve into the latest chapter and explore previous ones.

The Intriguing Cast of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 137

An integral part of Mercenary Enrollment’s appeal is its rich roster of characters. Among the most intriguing is Shin Yuna, an heiress to the SW corporation and the granddaughter of the owner of SW Group, a multinational company. Yuna, under the protection of her personal bodyguard Koh Sukjoo, adds another layer to the series’ narrative.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 137 Review?

Mercenary Enrollment has received a warm reception among fans and critics alike, boasting an impressive rating of 7.9/10 on MyAnimeList. This testifies to the quality of storytelling and the series’ ability to resonate with its readers.

Why You Should Be Reading Mercenary Enrollment?

Mercenary Enrollment stands out with its gripping narrative that intertwines themes of loyalty, dedication, and personal connections. It’s a coming-of-age story set against a backdrop of survival and resilience, offering readers an insightful look into a teenager’s life journey and struggles.

Mercenary Enrollment Release Date

The release date of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 137 is May 20, 2023

Conclusion: What’s Next for Mercenary Enrollment?

With Chapter 137 launched on May 20, 2023, Mercenary Enrollment continues to be a testament to the depth and diversity of manhwa. As we follow Yu Ijin’s journey and how he overcomes the odds stacked against him, we’re constantly reminded of the resilient human spirit. As an anime expert, I look forward to seeing where Ijin’s journey will take us next, and I invite you to join me in the thrilling ride that is Mercenary Enrollment.

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