Merrys vs. Goodness. A comedy with an overarching message

Merrys vs.  Goodness.  A comedy with an overarching message

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The second part of Mirreyes vs. Godinez After the first part that premiered in 2019, which promises a lot of fun, as well as variety of characters and inclusion, as well as challenges that the Kuri shoe store will face; And theThe cast includes Regina Blandon, Michelle Rodriguez, Daniel Tovar, Diana Bovio, Christian Vasquez, Gloria Stalina, She now joins Roberta Damien.

In an interview with MILLENNIUMIn this article, the actors highlighted why audiences are so attached to Videocine, that the first part reached number one at the box office in its first weekend, establishing itself as one of the most watched Mexican films.

“We’re back with this second part, where there’s a complete change of characters; we’re glad this movie finally sees the light, it’s a victory, because we started shooting it before the pandemic. When the first part came out we said to each other: ‘See you in a month,’ and of course it didn’t. The pandemic came, and instead the Home Office came out during confinement, and from there we went back to Veracruz to finish. So there are the pre-pandemic and post-pandemic scenes. We’ve changed our look, our hair, our weight, everything. Standing on a group where we’ve all done really well for so long is incredible; Nobody is here to shine more than the other.”Regina Blandon said during the talk.


Gloria Stalina (Sofia) spoke about the importance of forming a team within the work area; In the movie, the film’s protagonists fall back on the idea of ​​maintaining a better relationship between all of the Godines and thus being able to reclaim the passion of the business and the strength of the team.

“We had a month together, literally 24/7, it was a very amazing experience for us, both for the movie and personally; it was a haven for us too, we have so many experiences to tell so I hope you enjoy it very much,” the actress said. “.

For everyone

Mereis vs. Godinez

“Aside from the fact that I joined the second part in which I felt very pampered, I am part of the newer generations bringing another kind of mindset; we all have to adapt to the way others think, it was a great adventure,” said Roberta Damian who embodies Lua. “.

The film reflects what is happening in society, and as it turns out that there is strength in unity, As actors and actresses we have the possibility to give that message to evolve and grow. Here each one contributes his vision, which is to give his best, which is direct identification with people not only in tribes but in family and spouses and in all relations; “It’s part of the transformation,” Alejandro de Marino added.

against bullying

A few days ago, the actors spoke out against sexual assault and harassment, following multiple complaints by the actresses against Coco Levy, who was the producer of Videocinema, who had already spoken out and announced Levy’s final dismissal.

“We are totally against abuse and harassment. We are a team with women and men and against any kind of abuse that is exercised through power, I have said it on many occasions. “In this movie, the actors, we all agree that they should raise their voices and not remain silent about what’s going on, so it’s also a good message to everyone from our side,” Regina Blandon said.

“We believe this isn’t just for women, it happens to men as well, so we’re in favor of speaking out against abuse and discrimination, here we are inclusive and opposed to injustice,” Gloria added.


Great staff

The cast also includes Cesar Buono, Dominica Palletta, stand-up artist Carlos Ballarta, Roberto Aguirre, and more.

only in flow

The movie won’t hit theaters, it’s already available on TelevisaUnivision’s new VIX+ platform.

Latin america

Vix+ is available in countries like Puerto Rico, Argentina, Peru, Panama, Uruguay, the United States, Colombia, Chile, and of course Mexico.


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