Mexican film released; They walk the red carpet – La Voz de la Frontera


After about a year and a half of painstaking filming and post-production work, the premiere of the feature film “Por ser mujer”, a film directed by Raul Figueroa as producer, assisted by Laura Franco, directed by Axel Visantino, took place. , who also participated as an actor.

Most of the film’s scenes were filmed with mexicali and some parts of the judones, including a cast made up mostly of cachanillas.

Daira Villueta Pintado, Carolina Cortes, Yvonne Segura and Maribel Quintero are the main representatives of the project, which received a lot of support from elements of public security.

Initially, the idea was to make a series of 8 chapters, but later the decision was made to link different elements of the depicted episodes together to form a movie.

“The idea of ​​making this movie, which was initially thought to be a soap opera and was altered for production reasons, was to make the community aware that a woman is nothing and that there are no excuses for wearing clothes or make-up, she should always maintain respect and not say that ‘because she was wearing a skirt’ Short, and that’s why they raped her or look at how she puts on makeup and that’s why her husband beats her, “is to avoid the kind of thinking we’ve instilled in our society is to eliminate these behaviors towards women all over the world,” commented director and actor Axel Visantino.

The premiere was held in the city’s cinema exclusively in front of colleagues, media, collaborators, team members and their relatives, who walked the red carpet in ceremonial attire to celebrate the conclusion of the entire production cycle.

Next year, “Por ser mujer” is scheduled to air on Mexican and US television as well as on Cachanilla Films networks.

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