Mexico has the worst performance of the century


At the previous flag ceremony Olympic Games that ended this morning, Anna Gabriella Guevara He stressed that we will “do well” in the Asian Championship. Almost a month later, reality trapped a director National Committee for Physical Culture and Sports.

After the seven fourth and finals contested by many athletes, in terms of medals won, Mexico recorded its worst harvest so far this century: Four bronzes. It hasn’t been so bad since Atlanta 1996, where it’s only Bernardo SegurA took third place in the 20-kilometer rally test.

With 163 athletes, the country had the third largest delegationThe results, however, were far from what the former runner herself had expected. His idea was to create a new brand, surpassing the nine medals (three gold, three silver, and three bronze) achieved in Mexico 1968.

you can see: The Mexican team won the bronze medal in Tokyo 2020

However, there was not even a second place medal. mexican national anthem He hasn’t heard of the awards ceremony since that afternoon August 11 2012, when Tricolor beat Brazil (2-1) at Wembley Stadium.

In Rio de Janeiro 2016 There was no gold, although there were three silvers and two bronzes, so the harvest was better than in Tokyo 2020, where the metals went down thanks to shooting, diving, weightlifting and soccer.

Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008 They also concluded with four medals for the delegation of three colors, although the distribution of metals was more generous, especially in China, where taekwondo players Maria del Rosario Espinosa and Guillermo Perez reached the top of the podium.

Four years ago, in Greece, Guevara herself, cyclist Belem Guerrero and Taekwondo Oscar Salazar Contribute silver.

In London 2012 there were eight medals (Best performance outside Mexico) and in Sydney 2000 six of them fell, including the unforgettable Soraya Jimenez gold, so – during the current century – Tokyo 2020, for the time being, will be marked as the weakest performer, in terms of medals.

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