Mexico loses to the United States

mexican women’s team I managed to keep a clean sheet during the first half, due to the outstanding performance from before Itzel Gonzalez He made his Concacaf W debut and made his first serious move at the hands of Mexico.

In just five minutes, Stephanie Mayor Shot from a distance and the ball approached the goal post. Casey Murphy. The stars and bars kept possession of the ball and fired the Aztecs for the first time in the 14th minute, when Midge Pierce He dug into a small area and his shot was stopped by the column.

Rulers from Mexico choose to pursue their dreams

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Both teams maintained zero goals during the first half; Americans had more chances to score which they did not specify.

Squad Monica Vergara He jumped into the second half with different motives and in the first play, Alice Cervantes He received the ball inside the small area and was unable to turn around. at 62′, Jackie Oval He overflowed the area he crossed, and there was no one to kill him.

Ten minutes later, the situation became complicated when “la Magita” Ovalle was shown a straight red card. After that, the Americans remained at the forefront of the Aztec defense until Jim Lopez He had the most dangerous one: in the 83rd minute, he entered the area, broke through the defense and fired, but was stopped by Murphy.

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But in the 1990s circumstances changed. Kristi Moyes Reached the net under Etzel Gonzalez with a goal first goal of the match, The person who left Mexico in Group A’s last place Exclusion from the World Cup without the possibility of playing in the qualifiers.

Coverage Mexico vs. the United States

90 + 8′ Mexico 0-1 EU | is over!!! Mexico bid farewell to CONCACAF W without knowing victory after a painful defeat against the United States.

89′ MEX 0-1 EU | US GOOOL!!! Kristi Mewes managed to score. After a series of rebounds inside the area, Itzel Gonzalez managed to block a shot from Emily Sonnet, but the ball remained in the small area and Meiwes simply pushed the ball.

80′ MEX 0-0 EU | We entered the final stage of the game and it looks like Mexico will be able to salvage a draw against the USA national team.

72′ MEX 0-0 EU | Mexico stays with 11!!! After going to VAR, Lizbeth Ovalle has been properly sent off and a complicated shutdown for the Azteca National Team will come.

71′ MEX 0-0 EU | Lizbeth Ovalle commits a difficult tackle on Rsoe Lavelle and the referee goes to VAR to review the play. It looks like she might be fired.

60′ MEX 0-0 EU | We are in the last half hour of the game And the United States begins to put pressure on the Azteca team, but it fails to open the scoring.

45′ Mexico 0-0 EU | Let’s go!!!! Resumption of procedures at the stadium of the University of Nuevo Leon.

45+2′ Mexico 0-0 EU | The first half ends at the University of Nuevo Leon. So far, Mexico is presenting its best minutes in the CONCACAF W.

40′ MEX 0-0 EU | Save Mexico!!! Sophia Smith finds herself with the ball completely alone inside the Aztec, but she sends her shot over the goal.

30′ MEX 0-0 EU | We got to the first half hour of the game and Mexico put in their best performance yet at CONCACAF W. The United States hasn’t generated a single menace yet.

15′ MEX 0-0 EU | Save the United States!!! Kenti Robles receives completely alone and takes a shot Cross that collides with the base of the prism. Mexico was about to open the scoring.

0′ MEX 0-0 EU | Let’s go!!!! The match begins at the Universitario de Nuevo León and we’ll see if Mexico can say goodbye by beating the two-time champion.

Mexico vs USA preview

Confirmation of the United States alignment against Mexico

Mexico and the European Union | The United States comes up with an alternative eleventh to face Mexico: Murphy. Sonnett, Sauerbrunn, Girma, O’Hara; Morgan, Sullivan, Horan; Sanchez, Bourse, Smith.

Confirmation of Mexico’s alignment against the United States

Mexico vs. the European Union |This is the eleventh sent by Monica Vergara to face the United States: Gonzalez, Robles, Montero, Lopez, Delgado; Jaramillo, Mayor, Ferral, Garcia; Cervantes and Sanchez.

Good evening and welcome to live coverage of the united states vs mexico, corresponding to day 3 From the group stage from CONCACAF Th. We will give you all the procedures for this meeting in which the Mexican women’s team will seek to save honor against the two-time world champion.

The Azteca national team just lost 1-0 to Jamaica and lost 3-0 to Haiti, Who said goodbye to his chances of qualifying for the Women’s World Cup. The national team’s crisis could worsen, as they face a tough test against the United States, which will seek to close the group stage perfectly, after beating the Haitians 3-0 and the Jamaicans 5-0.

Join us in the next few hours on this coverage of United States vs Mexico From the CONCACAF W groups stage and remember that the best sports information is here at Azteca Deportes.

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