Mexico women’s team defeats Canada


The Mexican women’s team hit the table. For the first time this year, El Tri managed to beat a team that is in the top 20 in the world, after beating Canada 2-1, ranked 6 in the world.

Those led by Monica Vergara, who had just beaten Colombia and Argentina, had a hard time finishing but held out to beat Maple Leaf, in the first two friendlies to be played this week.

It was the Tricolor’s first victory against an elite squad, as they fell to the United States, Spain and Japan.

After the start of the home and away trip, Mexico took the lead with a goal from Stephanie Mayor steps 11 steps at 19 minutes, at stake in the high performance center.

In addition, Tri Femenino did not slow down and found Alicia Cervantes 2-0, after taking advantage of the rebound on the crossbar and heading into the goal, in the 76th minute.

However, Canada began to take the ball and got into trouble for the domestic defence, who conceded it 2-1 after a poor header that Jordyn Hetema sent into the net with an aerial shot.

In addition, tri-color goalkeeper Etzel Gonzalez saved her team after a one-on-one confrontation with Sophie Schmidt, in an apparent measure that meant a draw.

The last game of both teams, who will face each other on November 30, was at the Azulgrana stadium, which will be able to count on the support of the fans.

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