MICITT formalizes regulatory mechanisms to improve communication between actors in the national science, technology and innovation system

  • MICITT prepares and enhances its supervisory role over the National Science, Technology and Innovation System.

  • Sector coordination and a regional approach will guide these efforts.

  • The implementation of the actions of the National Science, Technology and Innovation Plan will be aligned with the new public policies issued by MICITT.

  • The plan contemplates the integration of executive committees for each of its three strategic areas: knowledge generation, human talent and transformational innovation.

The implementation of the National Science, Technology and Innovation System is a measure that will allow MICITT to coordinate the work necessary to achieve the objectives of the National Plan for Science, Technology and Innovation (PNCTI) 2022-2027 with the various actors taking the sector as a guiding framework for the National Policy for Knowledge Society and Economy 2022-2050; These actions occurred in the first hundred days of the Chaves Robles administration.

The Ministry of Science, Innovation, Technology and Communications (MICITT), published in the Official Gazette, Decree 43523-MICITT entitled “Regulating Title II of Law No. 7169, Law on the Promotion of Scientific and Technological Development: Regulatory Mechanisms for Scientific and Technological Development”, regulating the work of the National Science and Technology System and Innovation (SNCTI).

In the words of Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Janixia Villalobos, “The sector must be understood in a broader sense, including governmental and academic institutions, as well as organizations from the productive sector, non-profit organizations and civil society, for what the SNCTI start-up is considered a measure that will allow MICITT to clarify the tasks necessary to accomplish this mission “.

This new redefinition represents an important organizational effort for the sector, as it makes it possible to clarify the role and interactions between decision makers from the executive branch, public policy makers, and implementing entities such as the promoter of innovation and research in Costa Rica, as well as to support actors and promoters who contribute to the transformation of Costa Rican society towards the intensive use of knowledge Scientific, technological and innovative.

The plan envisages the integration of the executive committees for each of its three strategic areas: knowledge generation, human talent and transformative innovation. They will be directed by MICITT and will be incorporated through the representation of all SNCTI actors that have secured commitments in PNCTI’s strategic interventions and those who wish to join the task force can write to the mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots and spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Or call 2248-2539.

Agents, institutions, agencies and bodies in the sector that are part of the system will have at their disposal a digital platform containing national data on investment in research, technological development and innovation (R + D + i), research and human capital, research centers and infrastructures available at the national level through the system National Information Science and Technology (SINCYT, https://www.sincyt.go.cr/) whose promotion and regulation is incorporated as part of the new Decree 43523-MICITT.

“Promoting the economic revitalization of all regions of the country and thus increasing their competitiveness by taking advantage of all opportunities offered by scientific, technological and innovative development at the national level is the goal of the National System of Science, Technology and Innovation (SNCTI). Today we are part of this national effort” concluded Minister MICITT, Carlos Enrique Alvarado Briceño.

The national launch of SNCTI marked the inauguration of Science and Technology Month. You can check the agenda at https://www.micitt.go.cr/eventos/

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